06.07.2015 01:32 PM

Kudos to John Tory (twice)

He has reversed his previous position, and thereby done the right thing:

John Tory to call for full stop to carding, citing ‘eroded public trust’ 

Toronto’s mayor tells the Star he will call for a moratorium on carding next week until more transparent rules for how police deal with the public.

PS – He’s right on the Gardiner, too, BTW. When they tear that sucker down, do y’all think those Markham and Pickering and Oshawa and Ajax commuters are going to ride bicycles instead? They’re going to stay in their cars and snake through peoples’ neighbourhoods – as in, my neighbourhood. 


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    Corey says:

    Agreed! Nice to see a proper Mayor running our city. You know, providing actual leadership…

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    Andrew Prescott says:

    BINGO Re: Gardiner.

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      Matt says:


      The DVP, 401, 427 and Gardiner form an interconnected box around Toronto.

      Only an idiot thinks breaking that box is a good idea.

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    Pat Casey says:

    Rebuilding the Gardiner over what would be a Green and highly value piece of land on the North side of the revitalized Keating Channel is nuts.

    THe original Hybrid proposal, was specifically designed to open up that land and enable a Waterfront connection from the Portlands to Harbourfront.
    The current “Hybrid” proposal essentially keeps the Gardiner where it is and actually adds ramps.

    The Boulevard does not break the connection between the DVP and the Lakeshore/Gardiner. There are ramps dedicated to connecting the roads – with not stop lights.

    I drive from Broadview and Queen to Mississauga and home twice a week using this stretch of road. I can tell you first hand – it is not busy, not congested,at all.

    Going West in the AM you hit congestion at the BAy St. ramps. Coming home, there can be some congestion as you get to the Carlaw ramp at the end of the Gardiner. All said, as a frequent user, I support the transition to a Boulevard. Our Chief PLanner supports this and I trust her a lot more than a politician chasing votes or punters on the sidelines with half truths and misinformation.

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    Ted H says:

    Boston took their version of the Gardiner and put it underground with the Big Dig project that lasted decades. Good luck getting 85 Billion from the Federal Government like Boston did. The financing started during the Reagan years.

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      doconnor says:

      The Big Dig has virtually no resemblance to what is being proposed here.

      I think a lot of people have no idea what is actually being proposed. A short and lightly used part of the Gardiner would be replaced by a wide street. There would be enough capacity to handle the existing traffic. The increase in travel time would be due to a few lights. Any bottleneck that would be produced wouldn’t be as restrictive as existing bottlenecks on the DVP and therefore it wouldn’t cause more congestion anywhere.

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    Jerome says:

    RE: PS – Actually, they don’t. They go away. Literally. This is the history of road removal. Every single time. It’s been measured and documented, the traffic goes away. Conversely, adding roads adds cars.

    It’s not accepting this reality that feeds the desire to keep it up. You’re wrong on this, and so is the mayor.

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