06.11.2015 06:44 AM

Pundits Guide: four Liberal candidates are candidates no more

Alice’s sharp eye has come across some rather interesting developments.


  1. Matt says:

    Honestly, I think the number of current CPC MP’s stepping down has more to do with pension changes coming in soon.

  2. G. Babbitt says:

    Check out Khalil Ramal’s London Fanshawe website. There is no contact phone number or email address, no Facebook and the Twitter link goes to his 2011 Provincial election campaign. Maybe the next to drop or just an incredibly lazy candidate.

  3. gyor says:

    3 of the NDP were just elected as Alberta MLAs, the only sign that shows is that the NDP is competitive in Alberta, the fourth got more attention then all the other combined, Glen left to run for the Libs provincially, which in turn has lead to an investigiation into the Ontario Liberals by the OPP. The third is health reasons.

    There are no common deminiators that are negative when it comes to the resignations in the NDP or the Tories (the tories are mostly to protect they’re penisons from incoming changes), the Liberals on the other hand have major common deminators, A) The Drop in the polls, B) Opposition to bill C-51. The latter also connections to long time liberals who are now running for the NDP over opposition to bill C-51 which is more concerning then resignation. Bill C-51 was Trudeau’s biggest mistake yet, which is saying something.

  4. Chris says:

    No way you’d have beaten Craig Scott, Warren. You’d have fared better vs Dan Harris.

  5. Joe says:

    It gives me no joy to say so but the Liberals have that death stench about them. I suspect that what happened in Alberta will happen federally when the ‘middle’ parties get squeezed out in what has become an ever increasing political divide.

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