07.28.2015 06:40 PM

Kinda glad about the not running thing




  1. Bill MacLeod says:

    Yep, indeed.

    That would appear to confirm that “rogue” poll (over 5,000 respondents as I recall) by Mainstreet or whomever.

    Interesting that the result isn’t because of what my better half calls the “Harper Bucks” but instead because of the surge in NDP support.

    It seems not all Liberals are good NDPers. (Just like not all PCs were good Reformers, and vice-versa.)



    • Matt says:

      It “confirms” the Liberals number at 25%

      But the CPC and NDP numbers are way off.

      Mainstreet had CPC at 38 and the NDP at 27

    • nic coivert says:

      And that is why Mulcair must be visibly centrist, if NDP gets momentum, without major slips, given that the Liberals tank a little further, victory could be theirs.

  2. Ridiculosity says:

    I’m not kinda glad about the not running thing.

    You would have made a kick-ass MP.

    This country could use more politicians willing to Speak Truth to Power, as the Quaker saying goes.

  3. Al in Cranbrook says:

    As I’ve said before, a great many somewhat soft Liberal supporters would rather drive nails through their own feet than see the NDP come to power.

    And they will happily, or unhappily – matters little in the crunch, vote for whomever would prevent it from happening.

    NDP support has maxed out. Not so for the CPC.

    I live in BC. Liberals and Conservatives have been forming unofficial coalitions for decades to keep the NDP out of office. The current version is called “The British Columbia Liberal Party”. Before that, it was “BC Social Credit Party”.

    Most voters don’t give much a hoot about “progressivism”, and few could even tell you what it actually means. Quasi-socialists (bankrupting the whole damned place) is entirely another matter.

  4. fan590 says:

    Dion Wars.

    The Empire Strikes Iggy

    And now……

    Revenge of the Guy Who Hated Justin’s Dad

    Constant ads used to define Justine. Over and over and over, with no hit back. Brutal. And the most frustrating thing is if you see Justin in person speaking he connects well. He’s not being well served. I’d imagine his Dad would tell the team where to go!

    • W the K - No, not Warren says:

      Ads? But Matt sez it’s “entirely self inflicted”!!!!!

      • Matt says:

        It IS self inflicted

        The new CPC “He’s just not ready” ad campaign is simply reinforcing what people began thinking all on their own watching his unforced errors

  5. MississaugaPeter says:

    I wonder what the Liberal tally would be if Marc Garneau was leader?

  6. Walter House says:

    Since yer not ‘running’, you can lounge back on yer La-Z-Boy chair and watch the election results on October 19…. and if you happen to be visiting BC on that night you can watch the election unfold from coast to coast while tossing back a few Kokanee brews and BC Bud too …. relaxed and happy.

  7. Curt says:

    Wait ’till Angry Tom goes under the spot light.

    • fan590 says:

      Can you imagine WK going after Puffy Tom?

      Tom would wilt like the Wicked Witch of the West. His polls numbers are simply because Harper has ignored him and the Current Lib team is out to lunch.

  8. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    We learned one big thing from your friend McGuinty — and Charest: getting to the promised land does not always come the first time. Ditto for Harper in 2004.

  9. fan590 says:

    Time for JT to show he can be as clever as his Dad. As us older folks who were voters in the 70’s know, Pierre truly enjoyed WINNING and didn’t suffer fools.

    Get the vets who know how to win back in a big way. Make it a big tent, support the grassroots (not elitist candidates), and fire the current morons and get a team that knows how to win.

    In other words: Go from the Martin campaign style to the Chretien one. Election is there for the taking…but if you have people who make the moronic Hudak campaign look smart IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE.

    JT’s move. The guy really can connect on a personal level with voters. Let’s see if he has vision. If he does, and make changes, he’s PM for a looooonnnnggg time.

    • Yukon Cornelius says:

      Oh FFS, the man is a fool. He has no vision. Any thinking person cringes when he opens his mouth.

    • BillBC says:

      “Time for JT to show he can be as clever as his Dad.”

      –but he isn’t. That in a phrase is the whole problem for the Liberals…

  10. Brammer says:

    The Cons have overplayed their hand. By zealously applying their formidable “define the leader” marketing forces to Justin, they have succeeded in elevating the NDP to majority territory.

    Harper has always wanted to destroy the Liberal party. What sweet schadenfreude if he were to find himself in the same boat.

    • Maps Onburt says:

      Mulclair is riding high now because:
      1) He’s been an effective opposition leader
      2) Nobody understands what their real policy agenda is so all of their dreams are being projected on to him. He helps this along by saying one thing in French and the opposite in English.
      3) The press have been giving him a free ride
      4) The Liberals and Conservatives have been giving him a free ride

      This won’t stand the heat of a campaign – especially if he’s the perceived front runner. The media ALWAYS loves to turn on the front runner. Look what happened to Harper in 2004… Martin, and probably the best example was Dion. Muclair’s time is coming… Harper is wisely biding his time because he doesn’t want to give them time to recover. Better to continue putting nails into Trudeau’s campaign (with many of the Liberal’s tacit consent).

    • Matt says:

      Uh, 34% is nowhere near majority territory.

      And Mainstreet Technologies in a poll of over 5000 people has the NDP at 27%.

      The bigger the sample size, the smaller the NDP number.

  11. Rotten Ronnie says:

    Hey Warren – you’ve made the big time – the Daily Mail is quoting you….


    And it’s truly an international phenom – I’m sending this from Japan!

  12. Vancouverois says:

    Here’s another article on this trend. And hey; guess who’s quoted (on page 2):

    “The serial gaffes were the worst. They helped bolster the view – now widely held – that Trudeau just wasn’t ready,” said Warren Kinsella, a pundit and former Liberal strategist, adding that poor handling and “a barf bag of policy” were all to blame.


  13. Don Wilson says:

    Warren, not running in this 2015 fed election is, to take what Ken Dryden said about beating the Soviets in 72, like being shot at and missed. A lucky break to be celebrated. Run in 2019.

  14. Derek Pearce says:

    I have to say I actually did Laugh Out Loud at “barf bag of policy.” Heh. Good one. Hurts because it’s true, and I wish it weren’t so…

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