07.10.2015 10:37 AM

Neo-Nazi ‘Your Ward News’ still being distributed by Canada Post

Why, (Minister responsible) Lisa Raitt? Why, why, why?

Many, many of us are sick of this neo-Nazi shit landing in our mail boxes. It clearly meets the definition of hate propaganda.

Why haven’t you – or, in fact, any level of government – done anything about it?

Images from the latest issue, distributed by Canada Post yesterday: articles promoting the racist Confederate flag; mocking rape and violence against women; using the N word (repeatedly); promoting homophobia and hate; making light of slavery.  And on and on.

We need a righteous lawyer or two to assist us in going after the racists and anti-Semites who publish this garbage – and in going after Canada Post, too.  Those interested in helping – lawyer or not – contact me at wkinsella@hotmail.com.  Thanks.

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  1. Chris Haines says:

    It’s sad that with all of our “anti-terrorism” legislation, no one thought to add anti-hate legislation to stop crap like this. Make it a criminal act to produce or distribute this garbage. Throw people in jail for doing so. That is how you stop it. And preventing racism will do a hell of a lot more than no-fly lists when it comes to preventing home-grown terrorists.

  2. Pipes says:

    Start by shutting down their website.

    • GFMD says:

      That was what the Federal hate-speech legislation the Harper Conservatives repealed was for. Harper can be said to be A-Ok with their website now, aside from “I disagree with what they say but yada yada yada” arguments.

  3. Ridiculosity says:

    Warren is right.

    It’s racist, sexist, homophobic shit of the lowest form, disguised as a newspaper, and I am tired (and disgusted) to find it in my mail box each month.

  4. Kevin T. says:

    Unfortunately for the Cons, these people are most likely part of their base, and without the crazies and intolerant votes, their numbers would fall drastically. They’re sure not gonna vote Lib, NDP or Green, ever.

  5. King Prick says:

    I just had another one land on my porch. Post man didn’t even put it in the mailbox. It was laying face down on the ground. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve gone through the two that were delivered previous. Maybe I’m just thicker skinned than some people. The paper is shit. The writing is shit. All the content is shit. It’s just shit.

    It doesn’t bother me since the people distributing it are clown shoes. I, unlike others, believe in full and complete free speech. No holds barred. Say what you want. I might hate it, but that’s for me as a free thinking adult to decide. The idea that a group of people want to drive idiots like this underground is what leads to idiots opening fire in church basements and leads to more said idiot recruiting by more idiotic nutbar groups. Their rhetoric only got worse when people started to give them attention. Now, idiots are looking for this paper in the same way that we’d look for a National Lampoon magazine in the seventies, except this time it’s written not by people like PJ O’Rourke, but rather by self important dimwits. If you wanna beat them at their game, I’m willing to help but at what cost to freedom of speech and expression?

    Purely playing devil’s advocate: They use the “N” word repeatedly. So what? So does Jay Z. Snoop Dogg, Tom Hanks rapper son… Are we going to request that stores remove the crap music these guys put out from Canadian stores and mail order catalogues? Is it right that Jay Z can have a CD sent via mail with a violent anti-female anthem like “99 Problems and a Bitch Ain’t One?” Or are we going to view them differently because it’s their cultural vernacular and because of that we’ll just let it pass?

    As for the confederate flag? The Battle Flag of Virginia has some negative feelings attached to it, (unless you’re a fan of Ronnie Van Zant and then it’s just a cool looking piece of art) however, it’s about freedom of expression. If someone wants to fly that flag on their lawn or in their place of business, who are we to decide? I don’t very much appreciate the American flag, especially when you think of how many millions it’s been committing incremental genocide against since they invaded Iraq, but I won’t bitch about it. Why bother. It’s a rag on a poie just like any other offensive flag. As long as I don’t see a Swastika on a flagpole, I’m fine with whatever someone wants to fly up their pole.

    Then there was the bit about making light of slavery. For crying out loud; African Americans have been making light of Slavery since slavery began. Who cares? I recall Niger Innis once enlightening an audience when he said his research had led him to discover that many of the slaves weren’t kidnapped but rather were traded to others by their very own chiefs… I recall Marcus Garvey being a black segregationist and having quite a following that included heavily influencing the thinking of Malcolm X and many others… Should we ban anything written by Marcus Garvey? Slavery was no joke but we’ve seen everybody from Sammy Davis Jr on Carol Burnett to Eddy Murphy and Garret Morris on SNL make fun of slavery on television for decades. Why is it unacceptable when it comes in printed form from a windbag but not from CBS or Lorne Michaels?

    In terms of promoting homophobia; I think that’s a bit rich. I’m not a homophobe, we have many friends that we share time with and they come from all kinds of backgrounds. However, I attended a housewarming with my spouse a few weeks ago, for a gay couple. A day or two after the housewarming, she sent me an email asking if I’d like to attend a dinner with her other friend who wanted to have people over to meet his new boyfriend. I refused and used the words: “Sweetie, the housewarming was enough. I’m all gayed out this month.” Is that homophobic or is that just a person describing that he’d rather not be in the company of gay dudes? Is it homophobia when a person has a preference to the company he keeps or is it only homophobia if someone says it out loud? I guarantee you there are millions of people that would prefer not to be friends with lots of people based on their race, religion or sexual orientation. I’ll guarantee that a bunch of people reading this website would be in that group.

    Guess what I’m asking is: Why try and stop free speech and expression? What’s more dangerous; a “newspaper” written by morons or a group of people trying to stop (and I use this term loosley) a news periodical from printing stories that some thin skinned people might find offensive? Ever read some of what Michael Coren writes? Somehow he still lands on radio, television and The Toronto Sun. He’s been suspended how many times for being offensive?

    Again, I’m not keen on what these clowns write but I’m not sure it’s as offensive as it’s being made out to be. Nevertheless; for the sake of sport and an education on how to mobilize against something by lobbying government to get involved is deeply interesting to me. I may just get involved.

    • George says:

      “Sweetie, the housewarming was enough. I’m all gayed out this month.” Is that homophobic?

      Yep. What difference does it make if they are gay?

  6. davie says:

    Good to see Canada Post giving some people home delivery.
    On the topic, though, people are receiving this at no cost to them. So somebody is funding this pamphlet. There must be a way to find out and publicize the names of the funders.

  7. jim says:

    Canada Post is a delivery mechanism. I don’t want them deciding what they should or shouldn’t be delivering. It’s up to the legal system to decide whether something is bad, its not up to Canada Post.
    If you force Canada Post to be a censor, then you have to force all of our internet service providers to be censors too.
    Having read said rag, I can’t decide if the writers are mentally ill or just pulling our chains

  8. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You know those two questions we get with Harper, I hope you find a way to make this the first one.

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