07.15.2015 10:26 AM

Rock’n’roll is dead

Rolling Stone killed it. Everyone agrees.



  1. davie says:

    This mag has always tried to juggle its (somewhat narrow) world of music with the celebrity that sells the mag. This photo is a jugate of trying to juggle the pair by featuring this juggernaut of celebrity. That jugglery can allow someone like Sinead to go for the jugular in blaming the mag for an imbalance in this jugate.

  2. cgh says:

    Sinead O’Connor is right. The cover girl is famous for only five things, two in front of her, two behind and a rather disgusting sex tape. But this isn’t about KK. It’s about how vapid Rolling Stone has become.

  3. Matt says:

    Not really related, but if you like Dennis Leary, he has a new show on FX Thursday at 10pm called Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll.

    Looks pretty funny from the commercials.

  4. Nasty Bob says:

    In the future everyone will have 15 pages in Rolling Stone

  5. Peter says:

    Bob Dylan must be f****** horrified

    Oh, indeed..

  6. aggo says:

    Rolling Stone “killed it” decades ago.

    And Sinead O’Connor is just as pathetic.

  7. Niall says:


    Rolling Stoned’s last decent article was Sept. 2, 1982 (by Greil Marcus)


    Since then they’ve been the worst elements of an amalgam of Mother Jones (sh*tty politics) and Teen Beat (sh*tty music/arts/culture).

    FFS, it was only a few months back that RUSH (finally) made their cover: Jann Wenner is a mother*cking prick.

    Yours truly,

    Niall from Winnipeg

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