07.02.2015 10:13 AM

Socialist barbarians at the gate of Fortress Liberal


Jennifer Hollett, the former MuchMusic VJ and now digital strategist, and Linda McQuaig, journalist and author, are the NDP candidates in the two federal ridings located in the heart of downtown Toronto – and right now, they are basking in an orange glow emanating from Rachel Notley’s Alberta.  

Canvassing in their ridings of Toronto Centre and University-Rosedale, both women have noticed a change in the reception at the door since the New Democrats’ upset win in the Prairie province in May.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Jen during the (rather unpleasurable) Chow campaign a year ago. She was smart, classy and professional. As such, some of our Daisy colleagues have been working hard on her campaign.  

I don’t know her Liberal opponent, at all, but I found it revealing that she regards her regular “international” opinion pieces in U.S. newsoaoers as what her constituents want. I think she’s wrong about that. Like Tip O’Neill, I believe that all politics are still local.

That aside, the good people of Toronto could do a lot worse than Jen Hollett. She would make a terrific Member of Parliament.


  1. Tired Denier says:


  2. Matt says:

    Umm…….yeah……..speaking of Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP:

    It would appear the honeymoon may already be over:


    Wild Rose would win if an election were held today.

    While stil leading in the personal approval category, Notley’s number has fallen 12%

    NDP lead Edmonton
    PC lead Calgary
    WR lead everywhere else

    Voter remorse already and the NDP government really haven’t done anything yet.

    • Bruce A says:

      “Wild Rose would win if an election were held today”.

      This is why polls shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s four years away, Matt.

      • Matt says:

        Sure, but if the poll is accurate, the big shift in Alberta politics the MSM keep crowing about is beginning to circle the bowl barely a month in.

        If Notley’s win boosted the NDP nationally, this could have the potential to bump it off the rails.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Jennifer Hollett. She’s easily one of the most intelligent and hard-working candidates I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Similarly, your colleagues at Daisy helping with the campaign are a fantastic, classy bunch.

    One correction: Jenn is the NDP candidate in the riding of University – Rosedale, in which she lives. The equally wonderful Linda McQuaig is the NDP standard-bearer in Toronto Centre.

  4. davie says:

    What if (this leftie offers hopefully) the NDP win in Alberta is the other way around? What if, instead of federal ND’s getting a lift from the Alberta results, the Alberta results are due to a change across the entire land? What if the Alberta ND’s were able to take advantage of , not just the conservatives of Alberta being in 2 camps, but to catch a cross Canada wave?

    (Wouldn’t that make a Conservative sell out as much as he could, while he could…and make a Liberal put both hands on her cheeks and wag her head in denial?)

    • eric weiss says:

      Keep hoping, but it’s just not the case. The Alberta NDs won on Notley’s own personal charisma and performance at the leader’s debate against a less than stellar field, and a desire to throw the PC bums out once and for all. The federal NDP is still pretty unpopular here, and it’s still a predominately CPC province federally. Even Notley distanced herself from her from Mulcair.

  5. Jeff says:

    Nothing against either candidate, but it’s a bit rich to go on about how Linda McQuaig, a journalist who has written extensively about U.S. politics in U.S. publications, is “basking in an orange glow,” while Chrystia Freeland is out of touch with her riding because she has pieces in the New York Times?

    • Matt says:

      Pretty sure he was referring to Liberal Chrystia Freeland who had spent most of her adult life in the USA writing just terrible articles and a book about U.S economics and thinks Canada is the same.

      One of these ladies running for the NDP will be going up against Freeland.

    • Simon says:

      By far though, the majority of McQuaig’s journalism has been about the impact of worldwide trends in Canada (obviously through the lens of the left — income inequality, globalization etc.).

      Now you could say the same thing about Freeland’s work, that it impacts Canada. However, McQuaig’s focus has been almost exclusively on economic issues i.e. jobs, pressure on public services, undermining of medicare etc. You can argue these have far more relevance to the life of the average Canadian than international law, foreign aid, conflicts in foreign countries. Remember Michael Ignatieff? He was the master of international issues (and also a journalist), and struck out on the bread and butter stuff.

      It will depend though how far the public has moved on these issues. Is income inequality an issue in her riding, and is she still perceived as too far left (even in central Toronto)?

  6. gyor says:

    I agree.

  7. MoS says:

    What is socialist about today’s NDP? They’ve been well and truly Blairified to become liberal/centrist. They’re still to the left of the Liberals but that reflects how far to the right the Liberals have strayed.

  8. Tom Joad says:

    There’s a video on the LPC website of an interview by Chrystia Freeland of her “hero” Lawrence Summers. Enough said. I think the NDP should put up a link to that video on their own website.

  9. Ropshin says:

    Here is a better video that shows how tone deaf Chrystia really is:


    • JH says:

      Wow! Can’t believe Trudeau and Scott didn’t take issue with that theory. Also she definitely needs to increase her Ritalin intake and stop yelling at people during TV interviews.
      When she starts twitching and yelling, you ask yourself where’s the broomstick?

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