07.24.2015 09:10 AM

Why would folks think the E-L process is rigged?

I mean, the leader hasn’t given her the green light to suggest to voters that she’s already the Liberal candidate, has he?

Has he?

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  1. Lance says:

    Oh, that is bad.

  2. Christian says:

    What a fucking shambles.

  3. Jason H says:

    I know the CPC has a rule against using the party logo in nomination campaigns. Anyone know if the LPC has the same rule?

    • Ridiculosity says:

      The LPC does indeed have a rule that forbids the use of the Liberal logo on nomination signage and collateral.

      Not an issue here – that’s NOT the Liberal logo on Adam’s sign. (Although it kinda reminds ‘ya of the real one because they moved the leaf to the right.)

  4. MississaugaPeter says:

    Not only is Trudeau not qualified,

    His team is not qualified.

    Ironic that folks who failed Dion in delivering a video on time were rewarded/chosen to run Trudeau’s campaign.

  5. Ty says:

    I’m as anti-eve as it gets, but that’s not the party logo. Note the leaf. Probably just an amateur job.

  6. AK says:

    Justin’s personal and political shortcomings?:

    • No authenticity
    • No credibility
    • No substance
    * No competence
    * No intellect
    • No integrity

    That’s what happens when you have a leader with no political record or career CV experience! He’s just not a legitimate political leader yet, compared to Harper and Mulcair.

    I still remember what happened on the stage during the Liberal leadership debates when both Garneau and Martha H-F tried to broach the qualifications issue, and they were booed openly and were forced to recant and apologize, after Justin fled the stage to avoid total embarrassment. The CPC could never attack Marc or Martha as ‘just not ready’! The LPC got what they deserved with their choice of Justin to lead them to total defeat. Next?

    The many new Liberal candidates who jumped on the Justin bandwagon may have difficulties because Justin’s coattails have been cut off by the CPC attack ads PLUS the ‘coalition’ proposal by Cullen. Liberal candidates may be campaigning on their own and avoiding association with Justin and hoping that Canadians will vote for the Liberal brand. This is not a good situation.

    Welcome to the Trudeau Liberal party, Eve & Dimitri…. and I wonder how many election signs will include Justin’s name or will he be conspicuous in his absence?

    • Fan590 says:

      You would be taken more seriously if you were not simply making it clear you would never vote for Trudeau no matter what.

      Personally, I can see that Trudeau’s team has not done a good job over the past six months. I believe they need to run a flawless campaign (avoiding these kind of things) and need to be a bit of street fighter and give back better than they get (which means not involving Warren is a huge mistake).

      The whole situation is frustrating for people who actually like Trudeau, know there is a huge desire for stable, middle of the road change, and who don’t want the Dippers to ruin the economy.

      The good news is it’s still July, most people don’t care about Eve Adams, and Justin needs to come out strong with a jobs/infrastructure plan (that gets across to voters) and start some harsh ads against his opponents who are sitting ducks for the right ones.

      People are worried about their jobs, Alberta/Sask. is becoming a mess, and people are still worried about security. Liberals should win this going away.

      • AK says:

        All I’m doing is highlighting Justin’s flaws from when he was elected Liberal leader and the accusations in the CPC attack ads. Justin’s performances have improved and he is delivering his lines with more conviction and less drama queen flair.

        I just saw Justin on CBC NN live from BC, and I must admit he sounds a lot more restrained and thoughtful in his media conference statements, although he is still scripted in his responses because he repeats his talking points with thespian precision. The guy is a good actor, which I believe is his first love avocation. Perhaps he needs to get politically bruised a bit more before he is considered prime ministerial material.

        Personally, I think Justin is still 4 years away from being 4 years away from being a serious leadership candidate for PM of Canada. JMHO.

  7. Paul says:

    No party symbols allowed and no trying to pass the vote off as electing an MP. Everyone knows that. The questions is if the party brass will agree that this is serious enough to warrant disqualification if Ms. Adams wins and an appeal hits their desks. Anyone care to place a bet?

    • Ridiculosity says:

      That’s NOT the Liberal logo so they haven’t broken any rules.

    • Matt says:

      That’s not the Liberal Party of Canada logo though.

      The official LPC logo has the maple leaf above the e in Liberal.

      And she is technically a Liberal member of parliament, although not for Eglinton-Lawrence.

  8. KenzoS says:

    Coming soon to CPC backrooms, everywhere,

    Picture: Dmitri Soudas looking all googly-eyed at his fiancee.

    Caption: “He didn’t cross over for you.”

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      He reminds me of how I probably looked …

      In my longing for my sweetheart Pamela B., in grade 2, at Glenbrook Elementary School in Calgary.

  9. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    Initially I was all for you Liberals having her on the ticket. It shows Jesus T is his mother’s son (as if that isn’t already obvious), and we get run against her for a change.

    But the more I think about, and the more I look into the qualifications of her opponent, I now think everyone wins if you drop her.

    You’ll probably the riding anyway, and if you do you will send what looks like a fine new MP to Ottawa. We Cons win because, well, it screams “he’s not ready”. The dippers win because Eve will be a fundraising dynamo for her new, new NDP party; and Kinsella wins because he’s the only one who saw this train-wreck coming in the first place.

  10. Joe says:

    Who ever said “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” was not a wise politician.

  11. Don Wilson says:

    OK. Time to belly up to the bar and place your bets. Who’s going to win today’s (July 26) nomination face-off in Taranna? My bet is that the Liberals of Eglinton-Lawrence will pick Mendicino over Adams. Warren?

  12. Jim Walsh says:

    So when does this vote take place? Most media only says it’s today.

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