08.24.2015 02:54 PM

Hot Nasties play ‘Teenage Lament’

Written by Pierre and me when we were 17 or so; reprised here, 35 years later. We had a very positive view of the future, as you can see.

When I see the faces going by me
And I feel the screams inside of me
And I wonder what they’re thinking now
And I wonder if they think at all

Why, why, do they?
How, how are they?

They say that the times are a-changin’ now
And they say that things are better now
And I see the paper every morning
And I think I like the comics best

I see the way they fucked my world
And I think I love my world
And I want to kill all of them
And I know that that’s their master plan

I am tired and there’s hate inside of me
And I wonder why they murdered me
And I wish I could start all over again
For I’m 18, and I’ve given up


  1. VC says:

    That was cool. I enjoyed it. Well done! (but, you could’ve mic’d the drummer a bit more — at least he got a beer at the end.)

  2. David Story says:

    Found a copy of “fury’s hour” in backwoods BC this week. Fun to hear the band.

  3. Hammer Dom says:

    Best Song EVER!

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