08.21.2015 05:09 PM

The Hot Nasties reunite after 35 years!

They play I Am A Confused Teenager! They’re not teenagers anymore! The Palma Violets sort of like this song! Four people were there to witness history!


  1. Student501 says:

    Pretty good actually.

    I must admit I have a preference for Rockin Al.

    Well done former teenagers.

  2. Nasty Bob says:

    wow I never thought that would happen… what with the way you became so depressed 35 years ago when the rest of the band thought your tunes were too ” arty”. Then you took to your bed, gained 300 pounds, refused to come out of the room and swore never to play with them again ! Or maybe that was Brian Wilson ???

    So what the heck took so long ?

    Now that you’ve gone to the trouble of making a Hot Nasties backdrop you need to play your ” delightful infectious rhymes” a few more times

    HApPy DaY tomorrow to you and all assembled !

  3. Chris says:

    It’s actually not as cringeworthy as it could have been. Well done geezers.

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