09.11.2015 09:04 AM

Just now near my office

9/11 moment with Toronto fire fighters. Sad day, always. 



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    Jane says:

    911 not forgotten, never again!

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      doconnor says:

      We say “never again” when remembering World War I and World War II which killed millions. To the world’s credit, it hasn’t happened again.

      How far do you go to prevent it from happening again? How many counties should we invade? How many liberties sacrificed?

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    JonT says:

    It could happen in Toronto… believe it.

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    King Prick says:


    Anybody gonna stand in silence for the men women and children murdered by terrorists in Iraq—see: United States of America. I always find this day full of hypocrisy. Apologies to anyone who may be offended by my cynicism but we’re all entitled to an opinion.

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    Elisabeth Lindsay says:

    We are all “entitled” to an opinion, King, but on a day like today, we refrain from expressing it. Just good manners.

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    davie says:

    Yes, let us pay respects.
    September 11 we remember that a bunch of fellows living in caves and wikiaps in the boonies of Afghanistan conspired to bring down Western Civ by luring some tech students in Germany into regular meetings where the students were convinced that they should commit suicide for their faith by going to America, taking a few quick flying lessons on single prop twin seaters so that they could fly better than pilots who have much more training and experience, then, in preparation to commit suicide for their faith, which forbids use of alcohol, went to cocktail lounges where they drank forbidden alcohol and allowed witnesses to overhear their plans, then they went through security in airports and high jacked passenger planes and flew two into two great sky scrapers in NYC, and caused THREE such sky scrapers to fall into themselves, while their mates flew a passenger plane low right into the Pentagon, and then the remaining conspirators high jacked their plane, made a left turn over Cleveland, and headed for Washington, flying over the populated parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania, but allowed the passengers, who the USA military allowed to handle the whole thing, to overcome them and crash the plane right into the ground just before it got to Camp David in Maryland, and all this causing close to 3 000 deaths (about half the deaths alleged to caused by the terrorist attack on Panama City in December of 1989).
    My respects!

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