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KCCCC Day 43: the all-Hill Times edition



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    Lance says:

    Wow – Conservatives losing discipline. That’s a big story.

    When you consider that Harper got rid of those two idiots in shot-gun like fashion, that only demonstrates that there IS discipline, NOT a lack of it. The other two party leaders have had the same sort of issue with bad candidates, and how have THEY responded by way of contrast?

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      Scott says:

      I guess that’s a Conservative partisan’s opinion. See how that works Lance.

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        Lance says:

        Well, don’t answer the question if the answer is inconvenient, Scot(t); no one said that you HAD to. 😀

        And yes……..we WILL “see how that works”.

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    Matt says:

    The “outrage” on the refugee story is and has been media driven. They only report the very vocal minority upset with the Conservatives.

    Case in point the latest Mainstreet Technologies poll of Toronto residents on the subject of refugees.

    Even in Toronto, the Liberal/NDP/Progressive heartland, just 1 in 5 would consider donating money to help and 17% would consider possibly sponsoring a family.

    With the way the media has been carrying on, I expected those numbers would have been in the 70% to 80% range.

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    Matt says:

    And this won’t help NDP and Liberal talking points:


    The Conservative government posted a surplus for the first time since diving into deficit in response to the 2008 economic crisis, ending a string of six consecutive deficits and providing the governing party with some good news ahead of Thursday’s debate on the economy.

    Finance Canada released the final, official numbers for the 2014-15 fiscal year that ended March 31, which showed Ottawa posted a $1.9-billion surplus. That marks an improvement over the $5.2-billion deficit Ottawa had recorded during the previous fiscal year.

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      Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

      Easy to get a surplus if you’re sitting back on your political rump, not doing any stimulus spending, and amputating important programs like scientific R&D.

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        Lance says:

        Or say, like, raiding the EI fund………right? 😉

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    lou nickols says:

    The press has lost the respect of people in Canada…The CBC, The Star , etc spin the stories and show their bias in their reporting..They need to report facts as news and leave spin for columns clearly identified as commentary.. As much as Rob Ford was a wreck , Toronto is better off without him, however the some of the press made themselves and their personal stake part of the story with their lynch mob mentality ..Its a bad example perhaps but I am sick of being spoon fed opinion in the guise of news.

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    2014/2015 ends with $1.9 billion surplus…


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    ottlib says:

    I have heard other pundits claim the reaction of the Conservatives to the refugee crisis has not hurt them, pointing to the polls. It is typical really. They do not look past those polls in most cases so it is easy to make these kinds of assertions.

    The question is not whether the Conservative reaction will hurt or help them today but will it hurt them on October 19? I believe the answer is yes.

    Most election campaigns are pedestrian affairs where not much really happens. Political parties keep throwing things at the wall hoping something will stick in the minds of voters. However, every once in awhile something happens that kicks voters in the guts, that causes a visceral reaction within people.

    That little boy on the beach was one of those events. I usually observe the world with a kind of cold detachment but when I saw that picture and realized what I was looking at I felt rather queasy for moment. I am certain others felt the same way and politicians and pundits ignore that at their peril.

    The general consensus is the government is not reacting appropriately to the Syrian refugee crisis. Yes, many Conservative supporters are fine with it but those non-aligned voters, you know the ones that actually decide the outcomes of elections, do not seem to agree.

    That picture and how the government reacted to it will not be forgotten in six weeks by those voters.

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      ottlib says:

      I have a couple of Facebook friends who are ardent supporters of the Conservative Party. For the past week or so they have been flooding my news-feed with memes, from Facebook pages sympathetic to the Conservative Party, trying to spin the refugee crisis to deflect and distract from the government’s handling of it. It’s the Gulf States fault, it’s the refugees’ fault, the refugees are actually terrorists in disguise or some other BS. Remarkably not a single meme has tried to sell the Conservatives’ approach on its merits. These memes invariably ignore the Conservative Party position and actions and focus on something or someone else. They are spinning as fast as they can to try to outrun the crisis.

      Maybe the pundits believe the refugee crisis has not hurt the Conservatives but considering the how hard these pages are trying to spin the crisis and the Conservatives’ handling of it I would say that many Conservatives do not agree with them.

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    doconnor says:

    I don’t see anything sigh the refugee issue has helped the Conservatives. Now that the issues is less the the news they the Conservatives have merely gone back to where they were before. Like Duffy before it, these issues hasn’t hurt the Conservatives much, but has prevented them from rising in the polls which is what they need in this election.

    What has change is the Liberals has risen at the expense of the NDP so all three are even closer in the polls then they where before.

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    JonT says:

    Has anybody noticed in the TV images that there are no old people among all the Syrian muslim refugees? …. mostly young men, a few young women and some family groups ….. but mostly young men?

    Did these young men abandon their aged parents to suffer through the civil war? They do say they intend to bring their extended families to Canada if allow into Canada. Do we really want this?

    Single Syrian unemployed muslim men can be dangerous and some are perhaps terrorist trained and infiltrating into Canada. They can also be radicalized by extremist muslim imams as we know.

    Keep out the young single men and women and only admit the family groups, I say.

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