09.27.2015 12:58 PM

Lousy view on the way to Alaska

Man, this sucks.



  1. Wolfer says:

    Fleeing the country before the election.

  2. Student501 says:


    what more can one say about this majestic scenery

  3. Elisabeth Lindsay says:


  4. Steve T says:

    One of my wife and my favourite trips! Assume you are going to Skagway? Be sure to take the White Pass & Yukon train trip and, if you have time, the ferry across to Haines. Breathtaking scenery.

  5. Kaplan says:

    Is this the road to Skagway, or the road to Haines Junction/Haines Alaska? I lived in the Yukon for three years, arriving there in October, and this looks exactly like what greater us on our first road trip outside Whitehorse.

  6. MississaugaPeter says:

    Can you see Sarah Palin, and thus, Russia from there?

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