09.01.2015 10:43 AM

The Hot Nasties! The Secret of Immortality!

The one Maine Sessions Hot Nasties video that wasn’t posted – the song that Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham wants played at his funeral. As no less than Damian has noted, the notion that a couple of sixteen-year-olds (me and Pierre) actually attempted to define life and death in a three-minute punk song is what makes this one different. Weird, but different.

Words below. And Hot Nasties full-on Calgary reunion coming soon.

I think that I know why I don’t give up, I’ll never die: forever doesn’t go beyond next week.

There are things that are inside my head – things I don’t know, things left best unsaid. ‘Cause I am my one and only weakness.

I know that my God is not a white wafer – they must’ve forgot.  And I’m not worthy, so I won’t receive.


I know that people hate me; they don’t want to die.  They never see: life isn’t a Norman Rockwell painting.

No one likes that. I don’t care! I won’t die – dying’s nowhere! They started to the second that they were born.

Did you know that the grass is blue? That the sky is green? They lied to you.  This is the secret of immortality.



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    RogerX says:

    When I die I dissolve into perfect absolute nothingness and only remembered by a fleeting few
    No greed in my mind grasping for endless life like a woman who seeks perpetual pulchritude, fertility
    No desire to emerge in heaven, in the same shape I was when I died in turgid pain, deep anguish
    No more noise nattering nastiness, just acceptance of my inevitable final being
    Death is painless while dying is painful, we all die a little each day we live

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      RogerX says:

      Warren, you can your stanzas, but it’s not available on forum html because I tried. Can you do it for me?

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        RogerX says:

        Oooops….. that should be “…you can ‘centre’ your stanzas…” !

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    Nasty Bob says:

    So I read in Abraham’s interview that people still throw bottles. Sigh …. All that work with “Rock against glass containers” seems for not

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