10.22.2015 06:54 AM

A sad anniversary





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    Maps Onburt says:

    Rest in peace to both Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.

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    Matt says:

    Let us not forget to honour and remember W.O. Patrice Vincent today as well.

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    Arcan says:

    We have to look at the root causes. There is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded. Completely at war with society. Our approach has to be, where do those tensions come from? Now that Canadians have purged the Islamophobic Harper regime, hopefully jihadis will not need to resort to violence as Sharia is given an equal cultural footing. Revolutionary acts are inevitable in class society, and without them it is impossible to accomplish any leap in social development and to overthrow the reactionary ruling classes and therefore impossible for the people to win political power. God save the King.

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      Maps Onburt says:

      Oh give me a break. You sound like a first year PoliSci student indulging in intellectual masturbation. Call us back when you’ve learned a thing or two from the real world. Those two guys were doing nothing wrong. They were killed because some whack jobs listened to the radical Islamic propaganda and people like you who justify it. You do our brave soldiers who actually do battle with these terrorists a severe injustice. Shame.

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        Derek Pearce says:

        Please fuck yourself and know that the only reason those guys were radicalized was because they were mentally ill. Why isn’t Sammy Yatim called a terrorist? Oh right, because his mother is a doctor and knows how to advocate. There needs to be more research on radicalization correlating to “terrorism” and if that makes you Cons choke then good, think on it.

        For chrisakes though, this is not to diminish the tragedy of what happened to Nathan Cirillo. The world is shit and we have to make our way through it.

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      Clarke says:

      This is ridiculous. The perpetrators of both of these acts were nuts who just happened to latch onto Islamist propaganda to give their violent impulses the veneer of an agenda, and this is the case of virtually all Jihadist terrorists discovered here. None of them expressed anything about a revolution or the creation of an Islamic state here in Canada, and none have said anything about being their actions being a response to Islamaphobia. In any event, these terrorist acts tend to create more Islamaphobia, as well as provide justification for an aggressive foreign policy against Islamic radicals.

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    Paul Raposo says:

    Never again.

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