10.11.2015 10:25 AM

KCCCC Day 70: don’t be a turkey


  • Heading out to get a 20 pound bird. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and yours. 
  • Here’s a cartoon that succinctly brings together this weekend, politically and gastronomically. The farmer is the politician; the turkeys – they’re us!



  1. Brent Crofts says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  2. Jeff says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. RogerX says:

    Wikipedia: FYI…

    When Europeans first encountered turkeys in America, they incorrectly identified the birds as a type of guineafowl – i.e., as members of a group of birds which were thought to typically come from the country of Turkey. The name of the North American bird thus became “turkey fowl”, which was then shortened to just “turkey”.[3][4][5] In 1550, the English navigator William Strickland, who had introduced the turkey into England, was granted a coat of arms including a “turkey-cock in his pride proper”.[6]

    The birds came to England via merchant ships from the Middle East where they were domesticated successfully. These merchants were called “Turkey merchants” as much of the area was part of the Ottoman Empire. Hence the name “Turkey birds” or, soon thereafter, “turkeys”.[7] William Shakespeare used the term in Twelfth Night,[8] believed to be written in 1601 or 1602. The lack of context around his usage suggests that the term had widespread reach.

    Our “turkeys” are suffering the same fate as those living in Turkey…. our fragile economy and shaky security too. Enjoy because October 19th is descending upon us!

  4. MetaKaizen says:

    The cartoon is just as politically meaningful with the roles reversed! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Student501 says:

    I doubt we are the turkeys, politicians aren’t blind….

  6. Bill Templeman says:

    Just back from Thanksgiving family dinner in Picton. I open my Facebook feed and find this incendiary little gem. Has it really come to this? Are we back in the 1930’s, when anti-antisemitism was so fashionable? This sad little jpeg may not show up when I post. If not, it is a photo of people in complete burkas with the messages: “Sharia Law has no place on our soils” “Share if you agree” “Crusade Against Islamisation of The World” Here goes….


    • Joe says:

      You really want to go there Bill? You really think that saying no to Sharia or Islam is the same as putting 6 million people into the gas chamber? BTW I see the Muslim council of Canada wants to ban the Burqa and the Niqab.

  7. UFP Ambassador says:

    I’m thankful that no matter who wins on Oct 19th, things will mostly be OK.
    – from a diehard conservative

    • Scott says:

      A refreshing attitude. Joe Oliver doesn’t agree. . Joe says there will be catastrophic consequences for the economy if Trudeau is elected.

      • UFP Ambassador says:

        We need only look around the globe to know that no matter who is elected, there will be catastrophic consequences for our economy.

  8. Alan says:

    If the turkeys represent us, perhaps the farmer represents the pollsters.

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