11.29.2015 09:46 AM

Grey Cup poll: vote now, vote often

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    Liam Young says:

    I don’t care who wins – I’m just in it for a good tail-gate party. Do we do that in Canada?

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    Joe says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I am getting thoroughly fed up with this push to change the name of a team because some numpty takes offense. If the team has the name it is because someone, at the time the name was chosen thought the name a compliment. Growing up, Eskimo simply meant some one who lived off the land in the far north. They were highly respected because of their ingenuity and fortitude in dealing with day to day life in the arctic.

    BTW Go Esks Go!

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    Steve T says:

    On the topic of names, I think this Grey Cup showdown is hilarious as a comparison. If the looking-to-be-offended folks get their way, and the Eskimos (yes, there I said it, the ESKIMOS) change their name, perhaps we’ll get another stupidly-named team.

    The Edmonton YellowGreens would be too obvious, so perhaps something like the Edmonton Perogies (oops – offensive to Ukrainians). Uh…. the Edmonton Oilers (oops – already taken, plus it glorifies evil fossil fuels). Hmmm…. the Edmonton Icebergs (sorry, stereotypes Canada as being always winter). OK, then YellowGreens it is.

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    Jack D says:

    Another option:

    – Winnipeg loses because the city is hosting a Grey Cup that it’s own home team isn’t taking part in and that was barely advertised or hyped up to make any real economic impact. Also, Winnipeg loses because the IGF opted to host this stupid game as opposed to an NHL Heritage Classic which would have been 10 times a better event for the city and its residents.

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