11.10.2015 06:02 PM

James Sears, editor of ‘Your Ward News’



  1. Randy says:

    I just read an online version of Your Ward News. Wish I hadn’t. Hard to sleep knowing this kind of crazy exists here.

  2. Ridiculosity says:

    This kind of crazy not only exists. He lives in my general neighbourhood.

    I’m all for free speech – and will defend it with everything I have.

    But this homophobic, sexist, mysyginist and racist moron is a fucking nut bar. A dangerous one.

    Time to shut him down. Permanently.

    I won’t say his name.

    Like all megalomaniacs, that’s all he really wants to read.

    • Dan Forth says:

      You’re all for free speech, but you want to shut him down?

      I think the best thing to do with such creatures as Sears is shine a flashlight on them, and their words. Just like a light on a cockroach sees them scurry away. Unfortunately I do understand that as they flee under the skirting boards, it is hard to squash them.

  3. RDS says:

    When the most recent issue arrived, between my doorstep and the recycle bin, my attention was caught by two particular photos on the front page and I thought, “That was not a good idea.”

    You did not disappoint me.

  4. Ridiculosity says:

    Why? Exactly. Should have read misogynist.

  5. Christian Giles says:

    His name was on the ballot for Beaches-East York this past federal election. He’s been trying for years to get elected.

  6. Marky Mark says:

    I found one at the Second Cup at Laird & Eglinton last year. Absolutely nut case.

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