11.13.2015 07:16 AM

Meet the real leader of the Opposition

Forget about the content. Forget about the stuff that bugs you. Pay attention to the production values: slick, adept, professional. And he raised all the dough – lots of it – via donations. Amazing, really. 

Meet the real leader of the Opposition.


  1. SG says:

    Had no idea Bruce Anderson is the father of Kate Purchase. That is astonishing but not surprising.

    There really was never any valid reason for him to have been given the third slot on At Issue.

    • Shaun says:

      You must not have watched At Issue that often during the election campaign. It got to be kind of annoying how frequently he reminded us that his brother and his daughter were involved in two of the campaigns.

      • Eeeeetienne says:

        I agree he’d mention it so often the other two would smile, almost wince, from the repetition. His insightful commentary was always on par with Coyne and Hébert. Often times, I found him to be the one that had the most interesting things to say. That’s good reason.

        • SG says:

          I’m sure you would absolutely say the same thing about an ostensibly impartial political commentator with deep personal and professional connections to the Conservative Party. Uh huh.

      • SG says:

        You’re right, I didn’t watch it much during the campaign as I currently live overseas and only caught At Issue once in a while on podcast.

        Well it’s good he at least disclosed his conflict of interest to viewers.

      • Jack D says:

        Damned if you, damned if you don’t.

        Personally, I appreciate the effort towards transparency.

    • Jack D says:

      On the contrary; Bruce’s background in polling was greatly beneficial to the discussions on that panel.

      As well respected as Hebert and Coyne are, most of their insights are based on (intelligent) conjecture, as is any punditry. Anderson was often able to provide factual tangibles for discourse.

      Either way, all three of them have equally contributed hugely to the political discussion in Canada and I look forward to seeing who the CBC replaces as the third voice on the panel.

  2. Ty says:

    Not contesting your main narrative, but “slick, adept, professional”? That “studio” looks like an awful green screen. Far prefer Lilley’s simple bookshelf.

  3. Eeeeetienne says:

    Meh, not much of an opposition. He never gets to 20,000 viewers. And how much of those are ‘ironic’ viewers, as in, to have a good laugh? He gets up in arms over the most ridiculous small stuff. Remember that boycott Tim Horton’s campaign?

    I kinda wish there was a more reasonable version of him to give credibility to those conservative views. There are some legitimate points to be made but he’s so over the top that it’s easy to dismiss him as some kind of wing nut.

    • DougM says:

      The thing with this is to remember that it is not one man and one show. He has built (is building) a network of shows, some to be long form others short. Any fellow geeks here might remember Leo Laporte of Tech TV doing the same thing, and quite successfully, after G4 bought and gutted the network.

      This is the future. No I’m not talking about ideology. But we all know MSM is dying a slow death. Cord cutters abound and a generation who never had a cord to cut in the first place is coming up. And with smart TVs and Rokus/Apple TVs etc, one can have that lean back on the couch experience with these new YouTube-based “networks”.

      And Warren is correct, “The Rebel” is indeed the opposition.

  4. Felipe Morales says:

    I’ll never forget Ezra’s vivid commentary of the Trudeau-Brazeau fight! Funny how a Millionaire lawyer thinks of himself as a “Rebel” Is he desperate for a Job interview with Rupert Murdoch?

  5. Matt says:


    Did you just give Ezra a complement?

    Lisa has softened you man.


  6. FSLB says:

    I watched a bit and realized you had your tongue firmly in your cheek. Well played sir!

  7. Jack D says:

    I really can’t tell if Warren is being sarcastic here or not.

    “Slick, adept, professional”; I’ve seen teenagers on Youtube produce higher quality videos than Ezra’s public-access cable level garbage.

    I’m just going to assume Kinsella is being cheeky.

    Because god help us if Levant is actually considered to be “official opposition” to the Liberals. I sincerely hope the CPC gets their shit together as the real Opposition because that vacuum need not be filled by the lunacy of “rebel media”.

  8. Bill Templeman says:

    Ezra Levant is clever, talented and full of over-the-top chutzpah. But his hatred, half-truths and innuendo add nothing to public discourse. He flew to Paris and is reporting his venom on Twitter. At a time when all of us need to reach out to Muslims and build understanding, Levant spreads hate. In his zeal to grab eyeballs and get followers, he dispenses with the old-fashioned dull stuff in journalism live fact-checking and evidence. Boring, I know, but life is more than stinging Tweets

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