11.13.2015 08:01 AM

No jets at Island Airport!

Good stuff, good community engagement, good result. Good. Congrats to No Jets TO, Adam Vaughan and Marc Garneau.

If you want to go somewhere in a jet, go hop on the Union-Pearson express and you can fly on one anywhere you like.


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    Matt says:

    The Trudeau government is certainly within their rights to say no, IIRC they are one of three parties that would have had to agree (Toronto Council and is it Waterfront Toronto being the others)

    But, Bombardier is currently looking for a $1 billion bailout from the feds to match the $1 billion the got from Quebec to help the C series project.

    Porter was going to order 30 jets at a cost of roughly $2 billion.

    The government handouts wouldn’t be needed.

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      cgh says:

      Governments like giving handouts. That way the recipients stay nicely subservient.

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    Windsurfer says:

    I judge the situation strictly on a ‘noise’ basis because the last time I was down at Harbourfront, you could hear every Dash 8 taking off more than a mile away.

    The entire harbour area has become a sound chamber.

    I would have opposed the jets at Billy Bishop question, regardless of any arguments about economics or convenience.

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    P. Brenn says:

    easy for Garneau to say ..he got to go on a rocket ship into space…:)

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    Maps Onburt says:

    After spending hundreds of millions on the train, there is no reason to have jets downtown. Warren forgot to credit Air Canada for this… they fought this as much as Adam and certainly more than Garneau. They don’t want the C series because they’d have to put their big iron (higher priced) pilots into it since it’s bigger than the 70 seat limit that goes to Jazz. They know they can’t compete with Porter on price (or service)

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    Derek Pearce says:

    Counting on this being renegotiated was a bad business plan on the part of both Porter and Bombardier. I’m sure Bombardier will get an “investment” from the feds, but I’m curious to see if Deluce throws in the towel and winds down Porter entirely. I don’t think it was very profitable even though busy– he’s been running the Q400s biding his time until he was able to use jets.

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