11.10.2015 01:49 PM

Ontario Ombudsman update

I have to be careful, here, but I wanted to let readers know that a complaint has been made against me by the office of the Ontario Ombudsman – using taxpayer resources, and on official Ontario Ombudsman letterhead – to the law society.

I don’t want to get into all the details – yet.  But, suffice to say that (for now) unidentified person(s) in the office of the Ontario Ombudsman want to get me disbarred.  For things I have written, and comments some of you have made.

Three things:

1. I have taken down all Andre Marin-related posts for the time being.  My expectation is that they will be back up soon.  I want to respect the Law Society’s process.

2. I will not – will not – ever provide identifying information about critics of Marin or his former office who have previously commented on this web site.  My strong sense is that is precisely what the complainant(s) are after, but they’re not going to get it from me.  I’ll go to jail first.

3. I intend to fight this every step of the way.  It is a clear attempt to shut me up, and some of you, too.  It is a case of official(s) using public resources – taxpayer money – to silence a critic, on a personal web site that has nothing whatsoever to do with the practice of law.  If this thing goes ahead, I will insist on a public hearing, to which the media and several benchers will be invited.  The complainant(s) will be very, very sorry.

Law Society rules exist to protect clients from lawyers who act in a way that is criminal or unethical.  Law Society rules don’t exist to censor private critics of public officials.


P.S. If you’re a lawyer who wants to help out, email me at wkinsella@hotmail.com.  If you would like to donate to help defray costs, too, there’s a “donate” button, to the left.  Thanks in advance for whatever support you can offer.



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    Matt says:

    Is there a name attatched to the complaint or are these things filed anonymously? Just curious how they are filed (not asking for or expecting you to release the name)

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      Warren says:

      There is. And the complaint was made in the dying days of Marin’s tenure.

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    James Smith says:

    Will the new Anti-SLAPP legislation help?

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    littlemissbliss says:

    would this have happened had you run and won. didnt think so. I say you fart in their general direction and slay the dragons that begat this silliness. we stand behind you .. well, not directly behind what with the farting and all but i predict this is going nowhere having dealt with this law society in a past life.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    It’s downright amusing that they’d ever think this would work. Give ’em hell WK.

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    Tom Adams says:

    This is disturbing news. I’ve only tangled once with Marin. On my blog (tomadamsenergy.com) I pointed out that some of his comments about Hydro One billing issues were ignorant of the facts and harmful to the interests of ratepayers. I was shocked by his aggression when confronted with analysis. Marin is a menace. I’m with Pearce: Give’em hell WK. Go after him for costs.

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    Simon says:


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    Will Murray says:

    Warren, I could never deal with the level of stress your life engenders. That said, I truly hope you stomp the shit out of whoever brought the complaint forward.

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    Metakaizen says:

    Interesting Comparisn? Presiding (at the time) Mayor of Ontario town tried to silence bloggers, and it failed spectacularly.


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    Ron says:

    I think Cheech Marin would have been better for the job.

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