11.11.2015 06:54 AM

Ottawa-bound, remembrance 

Heading up for a couple meetings. If I get a chance, I plan to go to the War Memorial at 11. See you there, perhaps.



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    Will Murray says:

    This year’s War Veterans parade in Ottawa was adjourned with the following from the Sgt at Arms: “Company! Let’s do this again, same time, next year! Dismissed!” There are fewer and fewer every year.

    Other tidbits: from my vantage point, the Vets gave the biggest applause to the Mounties. That was a first (I’ve attended the Vets’ parade for 18 years).

    Several Vets ‘thumbs-upped’ the GG when he passed. Also a first.

    I have no idea who the two very elderly gentlemen were who were front and centre in the parade and were wheelchair-bound. One had a rack of commendations, the other less so, but they received an enormous amount of respect from the fellow Vets, and every serving member who passed. At one point the lead member of the Camerons, who was eyes right, went eyes right and down when he passed. I’m not going to lie. I totally teared up.

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    Maps Onburt says:

    I always try to get to the ceremony in Ottawa if I ever happen to be in town. They always have a fantastic turnout although it is sad that the veteran’s parade is getting smaller as the WW2 soldiers die off now. I was nowhere near one of these today but still stood my myself in silence in my house for 15 minutes through the ceremony on the radio. I still think Ontario is wrong not to have a stat holiday for this – and then socially pressure the heck out of people to show up at the local cenotaph. When I was back on the Island (PEI), we’d always go and families made sure that the kids attended. I guess the flip side is that at least the kids are getting educated about it in school.

    I’ve been a bit of a crusty old man telling people they have no business scheduling meetings anywhere near 11am. Didn’t notice nearly as many poppies this year as last year. How quickly we forget.

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      Pipes says:

      You might find this interesting

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        Maps Onburt says:

        Thanks Pipes… that’s great to see the families coming out for more informal ceremonies too. I suspect that the reason the Legion wasn’t involved is that the actual Remembrance Day ceremony at 11am was meant to honour the fallen during the wars versus the veterans of the wars although since they added the men and women of the police who have died in the line of duty and the Veterans Week (which runs over the same period) people are muddling it all up together. The Veterans parade was initially meant for them to honour the dead but with those veterans getting up to their 90’s and beyond, many of us are taking it as an opportunity to thank them on that day as well (which is as it should be). I’m sure the legions and veterans associations are getting pretty stretched to cover all of the cemetaries, cenotaph and memorial ceremonies. I’m glad private citizens stepped up into the breach. I’d have loved to attend that one as I think I’d be much more moved by seeing family members lay wreaths than the hundreds of politicians, associations and the like of the more formal ceremonies. The US is better at celebrating their veterans all the time (and you see the veterans proudly self identify). It’s harder in Canada to tell a veteran but when ever in the year I find out that I’ve met one, I always thank them for their service on our behalf. Same goes for members of our armed forces and police. I might not be able to verbally thank them but I always try to give them good eye contact, a big smile and a nod.

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    Kev says:

    I noticed more poppies.

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      Maps Onburt says:

      Were you in Ottawa? I was in Toronto this year and it was dramatically less. Anyway, I’m glad to see you saw more. I know I bought (and lost) a lot!

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