11.15.2015 10:10 AM

We get letters: meet Osama bin Laden’s BFF

Kind of stuff I’ve been getting for pointing out (as I did on CITY-TV last night) that the vast majority of ISIS victims are Muslim.



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    Matt says:

    I wonder if this is commenter “Enough” from a couple topics back.

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    dean sherratt says:

    That kind of comment must but be rather tiring to have to receive.

    As for your point, ISIL indeed kills many more Muslims than others. Like Tamerlane “the Sword of Islam” who killed millions of Muslims in his campaigns but killed Christians too once they got within range. For ISIL, most Muslims and all Christians etc…etc…are their enemies. It is easier to purify areas they control who are almost entirely Muslim in demographics and harder to strike at a variety of enemies where they do not but these two goals are not mutually exclusive to them.

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    Darren H says:

    That’s not cool. We are a very angry country right now. Social media made this one of the most brutally hateful elections ever, and the blame lays with BOTH sides. For those of us who supported Harper being called Nazis and other such wonderful things is not going to go away for a long time if not ever. A magic switch wasn’t flipped after the election where everyone will forgive and forget and come together.
    P.S. Our new “badass” Defense Minister should resign over his comments about ISIS not being a threat to Canadians. He is practically daring them now, and if God forbid there is an attack here, fair or not, he and the LPC will wear it around their neck.

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      smelter rat says:

      Oh please, get a grip. As to the recent election, the only hate i saw was coming from the Harpercons. It still is. Check out Chris Alexander’s recent twitter meltdown.

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        MF says:

        smelter rat, you’re one of the most hateful people here.

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    DougM says:

    The vast majority killed by ISIS are indeed Muslims. But we must also not forget or overlook the fact that ISIS is also hell bent on quite literally exterminating Christians and Yahzidi (spelling?) in the region as well. All round genuine “bad guys” they are, and it matters not who/why/how they came into being. They are evil and they must be stopped.

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      Maps Onburt says:

      Good post. While the majority of the victims in the region are Muslim (fake Muslims in ISIS eyes) they are targeting symbols of the west when they perpetuate attacks in non-Muslim countries like France, the US, Canada and the U.K. The attackers aren’t Atheists like me, Christians like most Canadians, Hindus or Jews. They have been given oxygen because regular Muslim leaders are spending much more time justifying why they feel disenfranchised as opposed to telling them that they aren’t behaving as Muslims should. The big problem (left unsaid except for very few) is that the Quran actually calls for this sort of behaviour and proscribes death for anyone who would change it so unlike Christianity, it won’t “evolve” over time into something representing a “religion of peace”. Imams need to be vocal about this but frankly they are (justifiably) afraid of being accused of apostasy if they even suggest this. The radicals use the Quran to stir up hate, intolerance and justify all sorts of atrocities. The moderates seem powerless to stop it. This will take generations.

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        DougM says:

        I think you’re way off there. “Islam” is vast and obviously it has its extremes and sympathizers of those extremes. But you are putting a burden on them as a whole that we don’t hold others to. When have you heard Protestant or Catholic leaders speaking out against the actions of supposed Christian murderers. There have been a few high profile “Christian” murderers in the US lately and I don’t recall anyone wondering why Christiainity hasn’t denounced them.

        You say Imams need to be vocal. Which Imams? The Sunni, the Shia ones? What version of Islam does ISIS purport to represent anyway? Does anyone even know?

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          Maps Onburt says:

          Doug, in the last 20 years name one attack by “Christians” in the name of Christianity…. Granted there were attacks by Catholic Irish against Northern Irish Prods and visa versa but those were really about creating a united Ireland free of Great Britain. You certainly heard the Pope or the Anglican clergy speak out any time the attacks mentioned religion. If anyone ever did, all the Christian leaders would be very vocal about how they were dead wrong in their twisted thinking.

          The same can’t be said for Islam. You are right in that there are many sects but when you ask “Which Imams? the Sunni, the Shia?” The obvious answer is ALL of them. They don’t need to accept responsibility but they DO need to speak out and preach that such attacks have NOTHING to do with their religion and that they are ALWAYS unacceptable. There are a very few Muslim leaders that do speak up but they are the minority and you always hear how they are somehow less Muslim as a result. As long as Muslim leaders stand by silently when innocent women, children (and Men) are slaughtered for no other reason than they don’t believe in what ever twisted version of Islam, then reasonable people will wonder.

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          Mike says:

          I found this article very enlightening on that topic.

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            Maps Onburt says:

            Yes, that’s one of the best articles on the topic. It’s actually quite scary how rational it sounds when you listen to these guys. Prepare to be disturbed.

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    grant says:

    This whole Muslim question is obviously a very divisive topic. On one hand I would dearly like to believe that we are doing the right thing in opening our borders to those less fortunate than ourselves. On the other hand a quick look at what the results of doing this has been in European nations hoists a big red flag. It hasn’t worked out well for them. The truth is that the majority of Muslims are not radicals. The problem is that we have no way of determining which ones are, and which ones are not. Also, at what point are we committing cultural suicide? Many immigrant groups refuse to assimilate. There are many issues here, and I do not believe that anyone, or any government has the answers. Does continued military action stoke the hatred, or does it serve to at least draw a line and dampen the spread of militants? All I know is that they appear to be winning. Just for the record, I am not racist, I am not “afraid” of immigrants. I am however watchful and alert. I think any sane person should be concerned. Why not build a camp in the ME and house the Syrian immigrants safely and securely there, while vetting them completely, before letting them into Canada?

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    Maps Onburt says:

    The guy is an idiot Warren. Unfortunately, the passions are too high on all sides and you see these people say things on the web they’d never have the courage to say face to face. I’ve had as much or more spouted to me online. It’s hard but best just to ignore them. He probably has a 2″ willly and lives in his Mom’ basement.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I remember clearly so many out of bounds statements made here by posters. It wasn’t right when Harper was the target and it isn’t right now, when Trudeau became the object of the same type of rage.

    I also remember you repeatedly telling people to pipe down — but you aren’t their daddy.

    As for the politicians, they are in public life so they have to just suck it up. If it becomes a genuine threat, that becomes a matter for the RCMP.

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    Jack D says:

    Warren, take a look at the comment section on this blog; the same sentiments are echoed by a number of commentators –only more muted. The basis of the rhetoric is pretty much the same.

    Opposing views are healthy for political discourse. Informed discussions are necessary to our democracy. But the line between disagreement and denigration gets crossed in a matter of seconds when people are incapable of showing even some degree of rationality.

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    From David Akin…


    Gonna be a loooooong four years.

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    Ron says:

    Does this guy live here in Peterborough ?

    If so the authorities might want a word with him.

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      Justin says:

      It’s good to see the ‘thought police’ is on the job, Ron.

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    Mike says:


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