12.10.2015 10:21 AM

Do your cross-border Xmas shopping while you still can, folks!


  1. dean sherratt says:

    …is not the Canadian dollar doing now what a sturdy wall can only do in a few years from now?

  2. Maps Onburt says:

    This has always been the biggest problem with our refugee policy. If we can’t convince the American’s that we take our borders as seriously as they take theirs, we lose the preferential access we’ve had and if they slam those doors shut, there goes 80% of our trade. Our liberal friends have always taken great joy at poking sticks at the sleeping elephant next door, calling them buffoon’s, etc. It might make them feel superior, but it will come back to bite Canada. There are legitimate concerns about letting this many people in this fast – especially since 95% of them don’t want to come and we’ve set this stupid target of 25,000 that the government is doing everything they can to hit come hell or high water. All it takes is one to slip through and it could cause us hundreds of billions of dollars damage. If Obama is bringing in ZERO, then we should be listening closely. I still think we should bring some in, but using this as a battering ram to prove our superiority over those nasty conservatives and American’s is just plain stupid.

  3. e.a.f. says:

    at a 30% premium, I don’t think so. of course if the Americans want to build a wall that’s fine with me. should be fun to watch. With the deficit they already how do they plan to pay for it and do it. some of those mountains might be a tad steep. of course if The Donald were to win, I’d expect there will be more than one American looking for political refugee status in Canada.

    So lets see, No Mexicans, No Muslims, restrict Canadians. Now if the Americans could keep their guns in their own country Mexico and Canada would be a lot safer.

    and Donald thinks ISIS is crazy, well so is he.

  4. Ted H says:

    F**K Amerika

  5. Darren H says:

    Well if he breaks campaign promises like this Liberal govt has, Muslims in America have nothing to worry about. And it’s a little rich all the lecturing from Democrats who have the most experience and history regarding bigotry, racism and internment camps… Be careful thinking Trump can’t possibly win. As Canadians we have a hard time understanding American thinking, their country being born in blood seems to have given them a very militaristic culture. Being attacked by an identifiable group gives them an enemy to focus on. Like them or not it is wrong to say “F*** America” as they risked annihilation to protect our way of life and Western European way of life. Perhaps it is being reminded of that is why left-wing Canada seems to hate the victims of communism memorial.

    • doconnor says:

      Most of his campaign promises are increasingly impractical and/or unconstitutional. While the Liberals refugee promise may have had an over ambitious timeline, it is still doable.

      The history of Democratic Southern racism was transferred to the Republican’s eager embrace in the 1960s.

      People like Trump is what the USA protected us from in World War II. Who will protect us from them?

      The left-wing don’t see much difference between so called Communists and other right-wing dictators who killed millions.

      When will the memorial be build for the tens or hundreds of millions who have died from diseases because of market based capitalism of the pharmaceutical industry be build?

    • smelter rat says:

      “they risked annihilation to protect our way of life and Western European way of life.” Really? When was this?

    • Ted H says:

      Notice I didn’t say America, which is what the country still is and has been and where some of my family live, I said F**K AMERIKA that alternate Fascist universe that is not impossible. As Huey Long said “when fascism comes to America it will come wrapped in the flag”.

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