12.31.2015 10:55 AM

Highly-Scientific Poll™: what was the biggest event of 2015? (And happy 2016!)

As 2015 winds to a close, I am grateful for a lot of stuff. To wit:

  • Got to marry my best friend in Kennebunkport.  (Added bonus: she is a genius super model who loves punk rock.)
  • Had all six of our kids – and all our family and friends, save and except those fighting an election campaign – there with us.  (Added bonus: no fistfights broke out, and no one was arrested, to my knowledge.)
  • Moved into new house with aforementioned genius punk rock-loving super model. (Added bonus: she hasn’t kicked me out yet.)
  • Worked on (and am working on) a ton of projects – rewrite of the new book, new Sirius XM radio show with my bud Charles Adler, new syndicated column with Troy Media, rejig of a new and improved www.warrenkinsella.com.  (Added bonus: a cool new TV project is coming, too.)
  • SFH got to open for the Palma Violets at a sold-out Toronto show.  The Hot Nasties reunited. (Added bonus: no arrests of any band members, to my knowledge.)
  • Business at Daisy Group was good and getting even gooder – recession notwithstanding. (Added bonus: my colleagues, who made it all happen.)
  • And other stuff. (Added bonus: I’m going to stop saying “added bonus,” now, and get to that poll you were promised in the headline.)

So, here’s the poll.  I’m putting it up because I find a lot of these media year-end poll/list thingies fun to read, but possibly not so representative of what real folks think.  So, herewith and hereupon, here’s a Highly Scientific™ Poll about what you think was the biggest event(s) of the year.  Vote now, vote often – and happy 2016!

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    Don MacNeil says:

    I felt it was a cry for help…so I voted for you 😀

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      Warren says:

      God bless you brother. Did you know Facebook advised me we have been friends for eight years?

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    Austin says:

    Your question is too vague. Obviously Liberals winning the election is the most interesting and practical story for most Canadians. But the fact that Trump is still leading in the polls should be the most important story – for the entire world.

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    W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Quit smoking after 41 years. None of that other stuff even comes close.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      Congrats. I also quit smoking this year. It took going on Zyban to do it but it’s worked. Best decision I’ve made in years.

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    Liam Young says:

    So many options … so hard to choose.
    That said … I vote for ‘media messes’. Mainstream media has officially earned the title of ‘Lamestream media’. It has failed us on so many occasions. The CBC basically narrates pablum from the privately-owned Canadian Press and SOOOO much was missed, underreported, overblown by right-wing publishers that they inadvertently shattered any remaining reputation they had at the outset of 2015.
    I weep not for their ongoing failure.
    I look forward to the evolution of media in Canada and the rest of the world in 2016.

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