12.01.2015 05:03 PM

Ontario Ombudsman update: conduct unbecoming?

No hearing has been set in the matter – yet – but I am aware that several complaints have been made to the Law Society of Upper Canada regarding conduct and/or statements of the former Ombudsman and his underlings. The complaints relate to use of public resources, an alleged violation of an oath of office, and several statements that are possibly “unbecoming a barrister and solicitor.”

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say. If the Law Society is going to start policing the private behaviour of private individuals, well, they’re going to have to hire a lot more investigators!

They’re also going to have to prepare for the inevitability of a Law Society without any lawyers in it. When you start investigating lawyers for stuff unrelated to them being lawyers – cf. getting tipsy at a wedding, swearing at a ref at a Leafs game, having a nasty divorce – well, there’s no table limit anymore, is there?

As before, this thing is going to be quite time-consuming and expensive. Anyone who wants to contribute to the cause can do so (with my thanks) using the ‘donate” button to the left.


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    In Quebec, we have modified our Code of Civil Procedure to permit some parties to claim their legal fees against the other party, as costs, in the most extraordinary cases of outright malice, bad faith, frivolous actions etc.

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    Mark says:

    Warren, maybe you could get a second job for some extra cash? There is an opening for the position of Communications Officer at the office of the Ontario Ombudsman. You certainly seem qualified based on the job description. And I’m sure the interview would go just SPLENDIDLY!

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    Tom says:

    Very proud to donate and support Warren! We should think about organizing fundraising events around the country. It’s shameful any public official would seek to silence a private citizen

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      Warren says:

      Thanks brother

      Stay tuned

      I’m going to win this fight

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