01.02.2016 12:16 PM

Behold the future

Justin Trudeau is probably the first politician I can think of who knows this stuff already. 

Also, I’ll bet you are reading this on a Smart Phone. 

Ms. Kocar said her first attempts at market research began with trips to Starbucks stores and nail salons, where she would find [social media] users and ask them what they did and did not like about the app. She got lots of information, but wanted more. Hence, the focus group. 

Teenagers being teenagers, the room was full of angst and contradictions. They love Instagram, the photo-sharing app, but are terrified their posts will be ignored or mocked. They feel less pressure on Snapchat, the disappearing-message service, but say Snapchat can be annoying because disappearing messages make it hard to follow a continuing conversation. They do not like advertisements but also do not like to pay for things.

At one point a questioner asked the group when they were least likely to be online. “When I’m in the shower,” a girl responded. Nobody laughed, because it was barely an exaggeration. About three-quarters of United States teenagers have access to a mobile phone, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. Most go online daily and about a quarter of them use the Internet “almost constantly.”


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    Lance says:

    I wonder how many seniors frequent Starbucks? CARP might have a few questions for them. 😉

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    doconnor says:

    Hasn’t everyone got notifications on thier smartwatch when new comments are posted here?

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    Mapsonburt says:

    Recognizing that most people are using smartphones for your site is a good first step Warren. Now you should make it more mobile friendly – bigger fonts that allow you to wrap messages without panning for instance. An app would be even better with notifications and authentication so that you don’t need to enter the captchas every post. I’d even pay for it. :-).

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    Nicola Timmerman says:

    Meanwhile the Chinese children are learning English and practising a musical instrument.

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    Peter says:

    Really, kids today! Why can’t they be satisfied blogging in their pajamas like we were?

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    David Breukelaar says:

    I did read this on my smartphone. Any plans to make your site more ‘mobile friendly’?

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    Jim Miller says:

    Indeed it is the way to go. See….Pew Research Center will call 75% cellphones for surveys in 2016 http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/01/05/pew-research-center-will-call-75-cellphones-for-surveys-in-2016/

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