01.02.2016 04:45 PM

Cartoon perfectly sums up how progressives like me deal with Donald Trump

In light of the latest, I’d say we need to come up with a better strategy, PDQ.

I have a hunch my wife has a plan.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 4.34.13 PM


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    doconnor says:

    Nothing really worked against Ford and even smoking crack in office only dented his popularity.

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    Tim White says:


    Nate Silver is standing by his original article from August.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Is Donald J. Trump a “joke” as Jeb! claims? Of course he is. But Jeb Bush is also seen by most Republicans as a joke. If Trump wins Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, he’s the nominee…

    Goldwater said extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice. Wrong, again. This ain’t a Birch election.

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    Mrburnsns says:


    Quinnipiac has Sanders beating Trump by 13% in a head-to-head race, Clinton winning by 7%.

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      Scotian says:

      With a margin of error of 2.9%, which just barely puts that out of the margin or error range by 2 tenths of a percentage point. Just to keep things in perspective and proper context.

      Now, I did and do expect Sanders to have some crossover appeal that Clinton would not simply based on being plainspoken outside the usual political class type actors. Even though Sanders is a long time poltico, he has always been a true maverick in a society that venerates such, if not his particular variant (socialist) of it. He also has a message that appeals strongly to working class people feeling like the PTBs/”Billionaire class” on both sides of the political spectrum are shafting them and not merely through indifference but by design. If anything though I was surprised not to see MORE of a divergence in this number with Sanders taking more away from Trump than he did versus Clinton, who is in many respects and appearances the establishment candidate in the minds of many/most Americans. I would not have been surprised to see something on the order of 10-20 percent, not just 6 in a +/- 2.9% poll.

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    Gilbert says:

    The fact that Donald Trump is in first place shows that there’s deep dissatisfaction with politicians in the USA.

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      cgh says:

      Quite right, but more than that. It also shows deep dissatisfaction with the MSM and its persistent progressive bias.

      What the polling seems to show right now is that Trump is only two points behind HRC in a head-to-head contest, and that should be scaring the cr@p out of rabid Clinton fans right now.

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        Scotian says:

        That however does not explain the fact that FOXNEWS is also being cast into that same MSM narrative with the Trump voters, and if you try to even begin to claim that FOXNEWS has a progressive bone in its makeup anywhere you will have clearly shown yourself not worth listening to on this front.

        It isn’t just the progressive or even mostly the progressive establishment that the Trump reaction grew out of, it was the hard right base’s frustration with the GOP establishment in Washington that this grew out of, and its supporting infrastructures including think tanks and media elites like those at FOXNEWS. This is fueled mainly out of the right and the dissatisfaction of the right leaning base within America with the leaders from the right whom they see as having broken faith with them over and over again. So this notion of yours that somehow this deals with that long standing myth of American politics about the liberal media and the various liberal media conspiracies out to put down those honest hard working conservatives who only want the best for all (and yes, that was said in a very biting sarcastic tone) is not based in anything other than your own imaginings. Anyone that has been following this from the outset knows what I’ve just pointed out, that this problem comes from with the right’s own base having issues with its own leadership and establishment, this has very little at all to do with anything on the progressive/liberal side.

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    a b says:

    Trump will make America great again.

    he’ll destroy Hilary

    Trump for America.

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    Mapsonburt says:

    Americans are desperate for a politician that speaks their mind rather than words the politically correct want them to say. They are tired of being lied to. The ONLY reason Trump is leading is that he is that voice (on steroids). The more progressives try to marginalized him, the further he’ll go. Disagree with Trump all you like but if you look at his demographics, he’s pulling almost equally from all education and wealth levels. That says he’s resonating. I still think he’s a blowhard and unlikely to be the nominee but face to face against the lying, decitful and walk over her own foreign service department employees bodies to get elected Hillary, it will be a cake walk.

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      Mike says:

      Trump does NOT pull equally from all education and wealth levels. Trump has tapped into a vein of discontent, but it is among predominately white, blue collar workers and those without post secondary education. In other words those most effected negatively by free trade and globalization.

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    Sean Cummings says:

    Every great civilization in history reaches its zenith and the crumbles into dust beneath the weight of its own rot. Trump and Clinton both are symptoms of that rot. Mass shootings in the US are commonplace and even the massacre of little children at Sandy Hook two years ago only increased the rabid hysteria and dystopian surrealism of America. Trump will win. Rome had a lot of Trumps.

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      Ted H says:

      I saw a lecture with Gwynne Dyer a few years ago and he said the biggest job facing America’s allies over the next decade is managing American decline. The Empire ain’t what it used to be and probably never will be again, and that is probably a good thing for the world and for the American people in the long run.

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      Maps Onburt says:

      People have been writing off the US for 200 years… it ain’t perfect but it’ll survive Trump, Obama and Hilary no problem.

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        doconnor says:

        Well, Germany has survived Hitler.

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    Ian Howard says:

    He reflects the rising tide of nativism and self interest of those who feel the American Dream does not exist in their reality. There is no strategy that will discourage those who have identified Trump as the most likely candidate to restore what blue collar workers, and middle class Americans feel they have lost. Trump’s popularity is clearly not about substance but an emotional response to America`s ability to dominate world events and the economic pressure globalism is exerting on the American worker. Trump`s success is not because of his policy positions, which are infantile, or non-existent, but because of his promise to make America great again .
    For many American`s it is irrelevant that their idealized version of America was denied to many on the basis of color, gender, or income. Like Richard Nixon`s appeal to the Silent Majority, Trump`s popularity is based on the ability to identify himself with those things which many Americans identify as a right.
    Demographic`s should ultimately defeat Trump. His alienation of those outside white middle class America should outweigh his attraction to blue collar democrats but is a Ted Cruz candidacy any more appealing.
    Strange times indeed.

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    nobonus4nonis says:

    from the bob lefsetz music newsletter. best there is
    thought this might be worth sharing.

    It’s our country now, the yahoos fighting the immigrants, ignorantly supporting the rich, are fading to black. Because music stopped the Vietnam war and we live in a rainbow of color these days, credit MTV, which integrated us on television to the point where our mores were changed. Oldsters may have a problem with gays getting married, but the younger generation is just fine with it. And old whites may hate that we’ve got a black President, but they’d be stunned to find out their grandkids adore Kendrick Lamar. Our nation is challenged in so many ways, but if you stop tilting the table, if you stop the gerrymandering and the disinformation campaign, you can see that we’re more together and more accepting than ever before, and one of the main things that brought us together was music.

    That’s the power of art, the power of talent.

    This is where we reclaim the power from the bankers and the techies. When we dedicate our lives to art, to excellence, to exhibiting the human condition such that those exposed won’t feel so alone.

    That’s the power of music.

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    graham watt says:

    Myth America is its downfall. Soon to consume itself. Check our the militia dudes in Oregon.

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    Another dose of idealism versus reality…


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      Ted H says:

      I don’t think all conservatives belong in the realist camp, some of them are very far from it and in their idealogical approach, they are actually the idealists. However, one might say there are definitely two kinds of conservatives, millionaires and suckers.

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