01.05.2016 12:09 PM

I super hate Hotmail right now

I’ve had an account since the dawn of time.  A few days ago, with zero warning, years of accumulated emails to my Hotmail account simply disappeared.  And new ones aren’t sticking around much beyond a few days, either.

Anyone know what gives? (And, no, telling me to switch everything over to Gmail isn’t particularly helpful.)




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    Kelly says:

    This might work for you, I don’t know…


    It might be related to the conversion of Hotmail to Outlook not too long ago. Maybe you were hacked.

    Sadly you do not appear to be the only person who has run into this issue.

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    Harvey Bushell says:

    Have you tried this? https://account.live.com/acsr

    Also try setting up an acc’t with a different computer and see if it sticks… just thinking of the not so remote possibility that your acc’t/computer has been compromised and someone may be deleting the hotmail acct’s.
    Better safe than sorry.

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    You have frightened the bejesus of tens of thousands of hotmail account holders.

    Checked original account started in November 2001, and the 4,441 unread and probably 20,000 read emails are still there.
    Checked second account started in August 2007, and the 3,991 unread and probably 10,000 read emails are still there.

    I deleted a few files and then following appeared on the delete file folder (never noticed before):

    Need to recover email? Retrieve messages that were recently emptied or deleted from this folder.

    Maybe try that. Otherwise, I would call Microsoft.

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    Harvey Bushell says:

    Opps, slightly misread your details.. thought you said you lost the acc’t not emails within the acc’t.

    Still it’s not an uncommon problem it seems..


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    Allan says:

    I’m a seasoned IT tech with years of experience. When this happens to email, what it usually means is you have a new computer/device accessing your email, and it’s set to pop3 and also set to remove messages from the server when they are downloaded. Bad news is they’re likely completely gone. Good news, is if what I’m suggesting is what caused it, there will be a device or computer with all those emails downloaded as part of the process, and you can use that to “re-up” the emails back into your hotmail. You would then need to sort your emails by “date sent” even for your inbox folder, or all your restored emails will show as having arrived in the date that they were restored using this method.

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    Curtis says:

    Hotmail is so last century.

    No idea about a solution though. Sounds like a sucky situation. Bonne chance.

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    Ian Howard says:

    Should be the default mode for all government email systems. So many careers would have been spared.

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    Patricia Morfee says:

    It seems that ever since my Hotmail account went to Outlook, it has been deleting email that I tried to find. I also am getting weird emails with my contact list included. Yesterday, I got one to me from me. I too would like to know what is going on. I knows my family has gone to Gmail.

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    ABB says:

    This is why smart users should back up their cloud accounts (file storage and email) on their local computers, using tools such as CloudPull — https://www.goldenhillsoftware.com/cloudpull/

    If you do this, then you will always have full archival backup of all your messages and attachments.

    There are many similar services and tools for cloud backup. Just do a search.

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    the salamander hordes says:

    .. ugh .. Hardly comforting to read, as I am probably a victim waiting to happen..
    and to pretend I trust my email etc etc to a ‘Cloud’ based system aint going to happen

    I take the time periodically to copy my entire Mail Folder (Hotmail) from the computer’s System Folder
    I’m a Mac user.. and that Folder includes my In and Out Folders and my Contacts etc..
    Its big, real big, that folder.. as a pro photographer and video producer – writer
    who on a regular basis sends a lot of files via attachments

    I also Forward & CC or BCC to 2 other email accounts – any email I want extra protection on
    FYI – my digital photos end up on 3 separate external drives
    plus.. I never erase the original camera card till I have checked all 3 backups

    When doing backups of important photo or writing files I always add the In/Out Mail Folders as well the Contacts
    so a lot of redundancy..

    A further aspect.. the laptop or tower CPU I use for backups ?
    Not ‘networked’ or online .. !! No Cloud connection or to DropBox etc..
    and any online computers have a special utility to sniff out any attempt to break in..
    There’s nothing there anyway.. I use USB sticks or bus powered Firewire drives to move stuff around as required
    and I follow the same process traveling, bringing serious portable storage backup with me.
    Send my clients stuff to the Cloud for backup… ? Not a chance.

    I also try not to ‘Sync’ Iphone, iPad & CPU’s much.. Sure, some iTunes & playlists
    some fave photos, time lapse & brief clips

    I’m sure you know, you can create a PDF of your webpage(s) .. I can too BTW ..
    and you can use that PDF as retrievable backup via a pro version of Adobe Reader

    Hope your email is there.. lurking on a server..
    or within your Mail Folder on your computer.. more likely !!

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    gpeter says:

    The same exact thing happened to me last month.

    Go into your deleted messages. There should be an option to retrieve deleted messages. Or something like that. The messages all should still be there, the bummer thing is that you need to do it manually. There isn’t an automatic way to do it, I tried to get mirosoft to help me with it, and no luck.

    If you’re willing to spend the time you can go through and recover everything. It’s small consolation because it takes ages.

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    e.a.f. says:

    dropped Telus e-mail and went to good old aol.com and haven’t had a problem since

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    Mona Fechter says:

    I also really hate hotmail right now I’ve been trying for an hour to send a volunteer spot to a parent teacher group and have been blocked by the spam filter, had to add my phone number to the account (requiring TWO separate phone texted codes) and then had my account blocked, requiring a new password (and TWO MORE PHONE TEXTED CODES) and it still won’t let me email a simple volunteer spot link to 25 people. I am so done with hotmail. In fact, my new password is HATEHOTMAILxxx

    Can anyone recommend an alternate that can handle something simple like an email link to a volunteer group?

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