01.05.2016 02:15 PM

If you watch anything today, watch this


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    Kevin T. says:

    With politics, we definitely see the worst in people for no other obvious reason than “it’s politics”, and it is what is, but the right wing reaction mocking this is mindblowing and truly disheartening. How heartless must one be?

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    Don’t get me wrong, the U.S. obsession on the right to bear arms is psychotic, but I doubt it will change in our lifetimes.


    Stock advice: Every time Obama talks guns, Smith and Wesson stock goes up. Went up over 11.08% on Tuesday while Dow Jones just broke even (actually up 0.06%). In 2015, it doubled in value.

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    cgh says:

    I might take Obama seriously if his administration hadn’t orchestrated the smuggling of firearms to Mexican druglords. Perhaps he should first explain why he wanted guns given to criminal foreign gangs and why they should be taken away from American citizens.

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    patrick says:

    I think these two statements: “the right to assembly” and “the gun lobby’s lies” – beyond everything else those statements, by a sitting President, will stick. The right will attack them, the gun fanatics will attack them, the paranoid will attack them, and the gun makers will attack them, but those statements are out there and now part of the gun control argument.

    “We have the right to assemble”
    “Yes we do and I want to be able to do it without worrying that myself or my child will get shot.”

    “The NRA says……”
    “The NRA lies. Our President said so and he knows more than both of us.”

    Not that things will change tomorrow, but America may have reached a tipping point.

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    billg says:

    Is he right, yes.
    Are there undeniable facts that indicate better gun control would save thousands of lives, yes.
    But, where the hell has he been for the last 7 years?
    He’s a lame duck President, he’s on a victory lap and suddenly this is a priority?
    Chicago averages over 500 gun deaths a year….that’s one city, 500 a year, and, he was begged years ago to take this issue front and center but refused.
    So why now? Why now when he has virtually no power and no time. Set the stage for the next President?
    Maybe I’ve seen this act by too many PM’s and Presidents before but even though I know he’s right I cant help but think its part of the post Presidential make work project.

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      cgh says:

      Bill, I agree with everything in your post.

      “Where has he been the last 7 years?”

      Smuggling guns to Mexican druglords when he wasn’t out golfing. Remember, this is a President that has taken more days off work than any of his predecessors.

      And remember that his lack of action makes it our problem too. Essentially all of the illegal guns in Canada come from the US.

      Also remember that a deal with Congress over gun control is sitting on the table and he will neither negotiate on it nor agree to it.

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    Ray says:

    Who cares about Obama’s track record for the past seven years. Believe me – his position on Keystone pisses me off completely & I’m no fan of his ‘Hollywood’ presidency – but he’s absolutely right on this file. It’s about time someone takes this insanity by the horns and does something.
    Or at least tries to. If this is his ‘hill’, then he’s picked a damn worthy one.

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      cgh says:

      The issue itself aside, he’s a cynical opportunist. Last year, his signature policy was supposed to be global warming. That ended in dismal failure in Paris in December, which we knew from the Environmental ministers meetings during the previous summer.

      So only after global warming failed as a policy initiative did he turn to gun control. Forget the crocodile tears, he’s no more honest about this than any of his other abandoned efforts over the years. Gun control may well be a very worthy objective, but this lazy narcissist isn’t going to deliver any more than he’s delivered on all his other failed initiatives over the past seven years. Yes, his track record does matter. It’s one of failure and lack of leadership on everything he claimed to believe in.

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