01.19.2016 02:14 PM

The Competition Bureau and Investment Canada are a joke

And the complicity of Canada’s three main political parties – all of them – has led to this.

Senator Davey is rolling in his grave.


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    e.a.f. says:

    The government regulates radio and t.v. via the CRTC. There ought to be regulations and enforced regarding how many newspapers a corporation may own in this country and in one city. This is a loss for democracy, when on corporation controls the printed media in a country. By further strangling free speech, the concentrate the work in central areas written by a few and controlled by a few. This is a bad day for Canada.

    The newspaper industry in B.C., Vancouver Sun and province have contributed to their own diminse by becoming shrills for the B.C. Lieberals. They don’t report news so much as act, in my opinion, a place for the provincial government to not only buy space to issue releases and advertising, its then backed up by their writers. Hence little to no “real” news, no “real” questions of the politicians and political writers such as Vaughn palmer, write little to nothing of interest. cancelled my subscriptions 15 yrs ago and haven’t purchased papers in 10 yrs. I don’t need to see Christy Clark and her smile and be told by the sun how well things are going for b.C. even though we have had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 15 yrs. No News here, just move along and with any luck Post Media will get out of the not news business and perhaps the business can start over.

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    doconnor says:

    They could have argued that one or both of them would have gone under without the merger. It may well happen, anyway.

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    KingPrick says:

    …And people thought Conrad Black was a dick. Look no further than our own government for Le Grande Organs of fairness, competition and free speech. Geezus. (Methinks someone is trying to build a FOX-like news presence in Canada and we’ve been asleep at the wheel.)

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    ABB says:

    This news must really affect the aspirations of journalism students across the country.

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    Mike says:

    Its a real shame that Postmedia and Sun are laying off so many people, but then, remember that they are nothing but shrills for the Conservative Party. I have a feeling that Postmedia will cease to exist (bankrupt) within a year to two years time. News media need to report the facts and not be putting any type of political perspective on the news at anytime, hence I don’t buy newspaper subscriptions choosing to get my news from other sources.

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      SG says:

      I guess according to you, only left-leaning newspapers are to be permitted in Canada. Is that it?

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    Jack D says:

    Paul Godfrey is probably one of the worst things to happen to Canadian journalism. The dictatorial control of all the subsidiary papers during the election and the “endorsement” of Conservatives across the board killed any sense of journalistic integrity with Postmedia (lest we forget the endorsement of the Alberta PC in 2015); compounded by the persistent hacking off of salaries and expenses for the single intent of paying back creditors, this whole saga now seems almost sadistic.

    Why put your employees through this?

    And if you’re an employee, why bother continue on? The eventuality of everyone’s termination should be enough motivation to start seeking employment elsewhere.

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    patrick says:

    Yes, it’s the political parties and competition bureaus who are responsible for the continuous decline of the employment of ink stained wretches and not the across the board wisdom of the enlightened business visionaries to set the genius precident of providing all their content on this funny little inter newsy thing for free.
    Man we just gots to get O’Bleary into the parliaments for that wisdom thing.

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    Maps Onburt says:

    Who cares? 7 Canadians are murdered by ISIs and Sonny Dazed gets Canada excluded from serious discussions on ISIS and crickets….

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    Kelly says:

    The unions should start a good weekly in those cities that drives people to the daily sites.

    Godrey and his ilk have turned those papers into zombies– they are dead but keep going by eating the brains of their readers.

    I’ve worked in publishing for 25 years and used to work in the same building as Izzy Asper. Wrote him a letter congratulating him on the purchase of all the Southam papers. He wrote back that they had, “bitten off a rather large bite” and that it would be interesting to see how it played out. He was proud that those papers were owned in Winnipeg and not Toronto. He hated Toronto. Sadly he passed away and future events were too much for the next generation of management to handle. Right now he’s somewhere up there tinkling away at the ivories, with a cigarette and a glass of the good stuff. The National Post ain’t his problem anymore.

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    Fraternite says:

    The law don’t mean shit if you’ve got the right friends/
    That’s how this country’s run/
    Twinkies are the best friends he ever had/
    Paul fought the law and Paul won/
    Paul fought the law and Paul won/

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    billg says:

    I’m not sure what more any government can or could do.
    I get more information now then I did 20 years ago.
    I get that information immediately, and, in some cases it comes during the even via an I-phone.
    Two or three times a day I scroll over this “web-page”, a few on the Tory blog rolls and, one Dipper page, wouldn’t be 15 minutes per day.
    I get local information on Facebook and Twitter.
    How much of the phenomena that is Trump and Sanders right now is due to many voters being over informed, people thinking things are much worse then they are and people thinking a candidate can actually makes things much better.
    Saturdays and Sundays once were a morning coffee and the Ottawa Citizen and the Sun.
    Monday’s thru Thursday’s at 6:00 were slotted in for Max Keeping and the CTV news.
    What the newspapers printed on Saturday I’ve already read about 2 days before, and, what Max would have reported at 6:00 I’ve already heard and commented on by noon.
    I’m not sure what can be done about it, but, unless your the CBC no one is going to give you money to keep afloat what no one is reading or listening to.

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