01.07.2016 08:39 AM

The Globe and Mail publishes story on the inquisition against Laura Miller


A talented Globe reporter contacted me about my friend Laura Miller.

He asked why I was supporting her. Here’s what I said:

“Why am I supporting her? Four reasons.

One, she’s a friend, and I know her very well. As such, I know that she is a fundamentally decent and honest person, and wholly undeserving of this baseless attack.

Two, political people – of all stripes – too often are held to a different standard. They are too often seen as guilty until proven innocent. It’s noteworthy that political people, of all stripes, are now coming forward publicly as friends and supporters of Laura.

Three, these charges only happened after Laura successfully won an important legal battle against the OPP. They are an out of control, highly politicized police force that decided to pay her back. It is disgusting. It is like something you would see in Putin’s Russia.

Four, no bloody emails were deleted. They can’t be. They are all still on the Ontario government servers in Guelph. The entire basis of the prosecution is predicated on a lie.

Strong words, but I feel strongly about this one. Hope it helps.”


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    doconnor says:

    2. Everyone who is accused of something in the media tends to be assumed to be guilty.

    4. Hiring a third party with caucus funds, then switching to party funds, to wipe files on a computer in the Premier’s office when there is a minority Legislature with the power to extract any data is doing an investigation is highly suspicious.

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    gyor says:

    Not a Liberal, but I hope the truth, what ever that is, gets exposed.

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