02.15.2016 12:47 PM

This one struck a chord

PS: Stephen Harper also said it, July 1, 2006.



  1. SG says:

    In addition: please, no more conflating one’s political party with the country as a whole nor one’s political values with the values of the country as a whole.

  2. Jack D says:

    I look forward to reading the imminent posts attempting to validate the double standard by which something once said by Stephen Harper is now utterly un-acceptable for Justin Trudeau to repeat.

    I also recall a few CPC MPs launching into a diatribe about the use of this phrase by the current PM. It appears that hypocrisy is an emerging theme with the Opposition.

    • Matt says:

      Hypocrisy like the Liberals, while in opposition, calling the Conservatives $150 million Canada 150 Infrastructure Fund a “Conservative party “slush fund” and saying the Conservatives were “playing games with the anniversary of Confederation, it is unfair to cities and a disgrace” yet now that the Liberals are in power have used money from the “disgrace” of a fund to pay for 8 projects in two Liberal held ridings?

      • Jack D says:

        Oh good, you’ve responded angrily.

        Its not the Liberals fault that this country is in desperate need for infrastructure funding after a decade of 5 star gazebo construction and its not their fault that the some of the funding happens to be going to Liberal held ridings; we won a lot of seats –they’re everywhere.

        Careful, don’t choke on the foam coming from your mouth when you respond in rage.


        • Matt says:

          No anger here at all big guy.

          I will note however you Liberals have very quickly become what you claim to hate.

          You criticized Conservative supporters calling us every name under the sun, screaming we were willing to look the other way when they did something wrong, yet you’re now doing the same with Trudeau.

          If the Canada 150 fund was wrong when the Liberals were in opposition, it’s still wrong when the Liberals are in power.

  3. davie says:

    I told this true story on here before (all my stories are true), but there are quite a few Liberals and Conservatives on this board, so they have tried to forget.

    The 1960’s, hot summer evening in Winnipeg, just finished work, sitting in a pub with a pal: A guy came in with jacket and loosened tie, he carried a beat up briefcase. He and my pal knew each other so the guy sat with us. He told us he was campaigning for the NDP in the provincial election.
    Manitoba then had never had a CCF or NDP government.
    My pal: What is the NDP going to do that the Liberals and Conservatives do?
    Campaign guy: (sipped his glass of draft) We are going to change the graft structure. Instead of the Liberals and Conservatives getting the graft, we are going to get it.

  4. MikeTO says:

    I strongly agree with this sentiment. Hearing how “the true Canada is back” when referencing policies and approaches I pragmatically disagree with, makes me feel apart from true Canada. Ergo, the signal is that I am not a true Canadian. OK, what meta identity options does it leave me with?

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