02.17.2016 12:18 PM

When in a hole, stop digging

So Notley did. Good. 

Now, can we please all go back to pretending there is something called “The Media Party?”



  1. Bill MacLeod says:

    “… can we please all go back to pretending there is something called “The Media Party?”

    Hmm. Well, we might be able to do just that if the aforementioned retired Western Canadian Bureau Chief recommends that the Notley government actually have a media policy.

    Any government that has a “media policy” that involves saying who can attend its press conferences and scrums is not a government that I would support. Hell, I could never fathom Harper’s policy, which was often to avoid answering any questions. (At least that was applied equally.)

    Anyway, well done Warren, and the few (for now, still) mainstream media outlets that gave this story the light of day. (And for those that did not, for shame.)



  2. Matt says:

    I guess the real question is wtf did she think the reaction to this move was going to be?

    His fellow members of the media might not like Ezra, but when something like this happens, they tend to take the NATO approach – an attack on one is an attack on all.

  3. Sherry says:

    Media parties are fun, I mean….those folks know how to drink! But “Party” in the political/innuendo sense? Not buying it. Unless it means “Conservative” media, like the CPC-Harper appointed BOGs of the CBC, or the newspapers (all of the major papers) who endorsed the Conservatives.

    Their parties are probably less fun, too.

  4. g gemmell says:

    Which is worse,banishing one-Levant or not communicating,essentially,
    to anyone,including some of his own MPs- Harper?

  5. DArren H says:

    At least we may not have to wait 3 years to oust this gaggle of incompetents. Notley’s approval level is now approaching Redford/Prentice levels.

  6. Kelly says:

    Yeah and the Liberal Party of Canada was supposed have died, never to return. Wait until some of Notley’s policies actually kick in. Her popularity will go back up as people realize it’s actually pretty nice living in a province with a solid safety net when you have a third world style resource economy that goes bust every 15 years.

  7. Darren H says:

    The federal Liberals will never die, they are the ‘Old White Establishment’ of Canada.

    And what policies would those be? I am not aware of any policies that aren’t geared toward social engineering, and raising taxes. Economic diversification cannot happen while raising taxes and takes decades, not years, to achieve.

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