03.02.2016 11:18 AM

Chris Christie, looking like he forgot his wallet in a cab

Or, as someone said on Twitter, like he’s in a hostage video.  Or, how our dogs look when they realize they are going to the vet.  Or, wondering if he left the stove on before he left to tuck The Donald in for the night.


  1. davie says:

    Heh,heh,heh…I noticed that too. That, ‘Hey waidaminute’ moment!

    I surfed over to CPAC, figuring they might be on C-SPAN. They were. I caught the end of a speech in Mississippi to a crowd by Kasich. I doubt I would ever vote for him, but he does seem to me a politician who tends to be pragmatic, and who carries himself with a bit of integrity. We’ ll see how he does in his home turf (Ohio…maybe Michigan!)

  2. Jack D says:

    “I’ve made a huge mistake”

    – GOB

  3. nobonus4nonis says:

    why are you all so upset.

    they gave us Bush and his stupid wars.
    so we gave them the brothers Ford.
    now they’re sending the mouth that roars
    and poor Fox News can barely keep score.

    let’s elect the Ikea monkey. Sure it’s a tad anthropomorphic but hey we won’t be bored:-)

  4. patrick says:

    Wait a minute! I lost to THIS GUY!

  5. Ian Howard says:

    Christie needs a safe word.

  6. Art says:

    Trump and Christie, plumbing new depths of douchebaggery.

  7. Pipes says:

    Caption-Chris Christie suddenly sees the 666 on the back of the Donald’s head…………..

  8. Steve T says:

    He is looking like a man who sold his soul, for a shot at something (Vice-President candidacy), having one last glimmer of conscience before he makes the final descent into hell.

  9. Cynical says:

    “It’s bad enough that he’s got me by the balls, but I wish he’d trimmed his fingernails!”

  10. Al in Cranbrook says:

    If Kasich had any balls at all, let alone real concern for the future of America, he’d get on the phone to Rubio and join him as his VP running mate.

    That would change everything! Cruz would be finished, and ultimately so would Trump.

    At least Carson’s gone now. Get over yourself, Kasich, and do the right thing already!!!

    • davie says:

      I might have mentioned here, but for the past 3 or 4 weeks some national polls on ‘real clear politics’ show that Kasich does best of any Repubs against either Clinton or Sanders. The same polls show Clinton and Trump close, but all other Repubs beat Clinton. It’s Sanders who beats all Republican candidates.
      If the media is close to showing what is happening down there, they show a fellow doing really well in the Republican Party, a fellow the polls show has the best chance to win in a national election, yet the Republicans seem to be trying to stop him. It seems bizarre to me.

  11. Aongsha says:

    Well let’s see. Son of a millionaire, silver-spoon life, entitled, no real policies, lots of empty promises, pie-in-the sky schemes, wild spending ideas, offers no real solutions, surrounded by yes men/women, hair engenders more conversation than brains, lightweights bow and scrape to him, serious people mock, a veritable drama queen etc., etc,. etc,. And it ain’t Trump, just the other side of the same coin.
    You’re welcome.

  12. Ridiculosity says:

    I think the fact that all six of the major newspapers in New Jersey called for Christie to resign the next morning says it all.

  13. MF says:

    Or “Who let that fart? Hope nobody thinks it was me.”

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