03.28.2016 03:39 PM

Hot Nasties to reunite next month in Calgary!

Save the date – Friday, April 15! Location TBA!



  1. Lee Hill says:

    First I miss getting Radiohead tix at the Roundhouse now I am going to miss this…look forward to the double disc live album…rock on.

  2. Bill Corcoran says:

    Will the Porno Brothers be the warm up band at this gig?

  3. Bill Corcoran says:

    Some things, Warren, like the NCNA, and the Porno Brothers for that matter, are best left buried deep in the past 😉

  4. Murray Burgess says:

    I’m gong to need an update on that location if I’m gong to attend. And I intend on attending.

  5. Murray Burgess says:

    Well I can listen to CJSW, at least.
    (And I got my “i” key unstuck!)

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