03.24.2016 07:38 AM

What will be the Ghomeshi verdict?

My view has always been the same: he’ll be acquitted.  He may be reptilian, but the three complainants were an unmitigated disaster in Court, and the Crown was almost as bad.

What do you think?


  1. Kelly says:

    I may hate everything that led to this trial. You may too. But Fifty Shades of Grey is a $Billion dollar business. Literally. That one brand by itself. Books, movies, etc. And the same media who pretend to condemn Ghomeshi are more than happy to make money covering every salacious detail….as well as cover Fifty Shades of Grey. It reminds me of the disgusting producers of the Hunger Games books and movies claiming their products are about condemning violence and oppression meanwhile capitalizing on scenes of teenagers murdering each other. We live in a sick, sick, world. And we are all to blame.

  2. Kelly says:

    I take that back. We are not ALL literally to blame.There are countless victims. I wouldn’t want to ever minimize that. However, our marketplace is more than willing to satisfy plenty of dark impulses. We all need to work at shining light on that reality.

  3. rww says:

    Reading media summary of judge’s comments it appears that witnesses contradictions on what may be irrelevant factors may have destroyed their credibility on the relevant factors. Waiting to see.

  4. rww says:

    We like to say “better a hundred guilty people go free than one innocent person be convicted. But do we really mean it.

  5. Matt says:


    Breaking now – He’s been aquitted. I don’t think anyone should be surprised after the testimony from the three alleged victims.

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