03.11.2016 10:36 PM

You reap what you sow, you evil bastard 



  1. Joseph says:

    The hell of it is is Trump will probably benefit from this Moveon ‘protest’..On the other hand I doubt Hillary will fare as well after this bit of pandering gone wrong. http://ethicsalarms.com/2016/03/11/pathological-pandering-a-case-study/

    • Art says:

      Not black and white with Nancy Regan. Even though she was slow off the mark she was responsible for the push for the first federal money towards aids research. This is likely what Clinton recalls. In fairness there were way too many people in those days who turned a blind eye to aids.
      As far as Trump goes, he’s toast.

  2. Lance says:

    Perhaps Trump should have taken a page out of Chretien’s playbook and throttled the protestor instead of merely saying what he’d like to do.

  3. R News says:

    What I see are lefty protesters doing what they always do when someone challenges their access to free shit. And rather than condemn the violence, the lefty commentariat justifies it, as usual. Completely predictable. These people are on your side, progressives – wear it.

    • Michael Bluth says:

      Trump said that 19 days ago. A lifetime in politics.

      That MoveOn is actively organizing this only helps Trump.

      Trump has proven he is a smart man. He has toned down the rhetoric just enough that swing voters aren’t going to be swayed to vote against him by antics like this. It makes him more sympathetic.

      Headlines like ‘You reap what you sow…” only prove to inflame violence.

      Thankfully the good people in this comments section are trending towards condemnation of these actions.

  4. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Thought long and hard before posting on this topic.

    There’s lots of blame to go around for what is happening. Extremism begets more extremism, and it’s a sure bet that the protest last night was organized by highly extremist left wing groups. Indeed, as Rubio pointed out, it’s a given that some of those involved were paid professionals trucked in to create this chaos. It would be fascinating, if not enlightening, to investigate this and find out the truth of this, and if so, who wrote the cheques.

    Here’s an example of Liberal Left extremism, the kind that goes a long way to fostering the current environment…


    This is an appalling development, inconceivable within the context of a democracy!

    When a government seeks to involve its own law enforcement agencies explicitly to undermine, if not directly intimidate, opponents to its political agenda, the history of the 20th century demonstrates that we have entered into exceedingly dangerous territory.

    This has become the nature of the left, not just in N. America, but across western civilization. This attitude that their causes are somehow holy and sacrosanct, and all others who stand in their way are thus criminal and worthy of persecution by every means available, has prevailed and dominated the political narrative for far too long.

    I’ve said it here before and often, people are getting fed up with this arrogance, and self-righteous bullying. And now there’s kick back growing, manifesting itself as the polar opposite to what has become a dominating force in their lives.

    It begins and ends with “political correctness” that has been leveraged to silence and censor all opposition to a left wing agenda.

    I’m no fan of Trump’s by any stretch, I detest the guy, but he’s come to symbolize for many the focal point of this frustration and contempt that has been pent up for too long.

    And it’s not just in America, but spreading across Europe as well. Recent elections in Germany have resulted in the rise of far right political parties, as people are angered by what they see happening to their nation and their national identity and heritage.

    The proverbial pendulum swings, people. And it swings as far in one direction as far as it first has been pushed to its opposite.

    There hasn’t been any balance for far too long, and the ride back to some sort of political equilibrium now threatens to get rough.

    • Art says:

      In America, when people see an obvious threat to society as Trump surely is, they have every right to protest and throw up as many roadblocks as they can. Within legal limits of course.

    • R News says:

      Al, if you are placing your optimism in the pendulum, you will be horrified when these progressive maniacs rip it off its suspension spring and smash the clock to pieces rather than let it swing back. I fear that this is where we are headed.

  5. davie says:

    Last night I had on the American channel CNN while I wrestled with a gadget called face time.
    I thought Trump right when he said the network was adding to the animosities by rerunning the same clips of punch ups again and again.

    But what caught my meandering attention was reporters saying they had not seen anything like this in American politics before.

    Spring, 1968, and I sat with a pal in a small town Manitoba high school putting together a list of leaders of SNC, SDS, NAACP, Klan, and so on. He was determined to go that summer (we were teachers) to the states to see ‘what ‘s happening…man.’
    In Minneapolis, he took in a George Wallace rally. The theatre was packed, band playing Dixie, warm up speakers done. The back doors banged open and in came the protestors: burley Black Panthers first, then the Vietnam War protestors, the hippy and yippie hordes and church types. They lined the aisles and side walls. When Wallace came on, they gave Nazi salutes and chanted. Wallace sneered, ‘These are the freedom of speech people’ and the pro Wallace crowd cheered. The two sides tried to out holler each other.
    The ranks of cops came in with their 4 foot long bats and pushed the protestors down to the front of the stage. My pal moved to the aisle to see better what was happening, and the cops caught him, bat across his throat, shoving him down to the front with the protestors. He told the cop he was a Canadian, and the cop shoved him harder. He saw a sergeant empty a can of mace into the face of a 16 girl lying on the floor.
    Later, as the crowds left eh building, he saw a number of fights up and down the street.
    In Mississippi, Jackson, after 3 days of asking, he got to sit in a segregated bar with some local civil rights leaders. The state cops came in and arrested him for causing a public disturbance. In jail he worried that he might meet he same fate of civil rights protestors who, in the common holding tank, were severely beaten by local thugs. The desk cop found the list we had made, and came to him and asked if he was from one of those communist universities up north, and was he there to assassinate someone. He asked to talk to someone from the Canadian consulate. He was released on condition that he leave Jackson.
    He did.
    Later that summer I watched on tv the attacks on protestors by the phalanxes of Chicago cops on protestors during the Democratic convention.

    More recently I saw the Republican preppies sent to ‘protest’ the vote recount in Florida in 2000, the ‘chaos’ that helped the Supreme Court in its decision to stop the vote recount.

    The examples are too many…you get my point.

    Yeah, never seen anything like it in American politics before.

  6. Pipes says:

    As an aside-can you run Government like a business? It doesn’t have a product, it provides tax based services. You can run the budgets like a business but I don’t think an entire country. Why doesn’t Rubio/Cruz/Kasich use that?

    • Ron says:

      Probably because someone will ask if the ‘business model’ is similar to Adephia, Enron, Global Crossing. Or Goldman Sachs.

  7. Ron says:

    Expose Trumps supporters and you expose Trump.

  8. Brion Pollon says:

    So Trump violence is bad but Marxist violence is good? http://front.moveon.org/moveon-on-violence-at-trump-events/#.VuSI530rJko

  9. dave says:

    This segment of society goes on the premise of……. “I don’t want to hear him, SO nobody can.”
    See, Ann Coulter when she tried to speak here in Ontario.

  10. PJH says:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win-Mahatma Gandhi

    I don’t agree with many things Donald Trump has to say, nor how he says them…..but it is unconscionable that organized groups can shut down a peaceful rally for a legitimate candidate. Just like Mitt Romney’s personal attack on Trump, this too will backfire.

  11. lou says:

    Sorry Warren, the evil bastards are the groups that went to disrupt the event and planned to “storm the stage” when Trump arrived. Fascists indeed. The “bernie” chants sealed his fate. Who is more dangerous? Last night is was obvious for all to see. Bernies mobs by a mile.

  12. smelter rat says:

    So many Trump fanboys here. Amazing.

    • Art says:

      Like a fellow named Bluth, above said, the “good” commenters condemned the protesters. Of course the good commenters are Conservatives lol.

  13. doconnor says:

    Protesters who go in to disrupt Trump events are only helping him and they should stop.

    Provoking his supporters into violence will only push the situation in a worse direction.

  14. e.a.f. says:

    This violence will work well for Trump or he would have it happening. of course once it gets real serious you can expect Trump to be sitting in a closet shitting himself.

    With all the gun in American and Trumps support for them, he ought to be careful. One bullet can do a lot of damage to a bad toupe.

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