04.26.2016 07:33 AM

Bernie Sanders joins the Hot Nasties at CJSW in Calgary!


On April 15, an historic event: the reunion of the original Hot Nasties – Ras Pierre Schenk, Rockin’ Al, Nuclear Age and Ed Tomwards – in studio! Dixie Fried and the CJSW folks kindly offered their impressive studio space for the Calgary punks to get together on Canadian soil for the first time in more than 35 years! Stop the presses!

From that fun get-together, a few clips.  First off, the loveable punkster mop tops doing a pre-show warmup with Get Away From Me, with several bonus false starts!

Then: I teach the Calgary boys how to play the three-chord Barney Rubble Is My Double again.  Chaos ensues!

Thus prepared, the Dixie Fried Show commences with the Hot Nasties reunion!  We kick off with Teenage Lament (we were a happy bunch of kids, yes) – but, before that, Democratic presidential candidate joins us for the show!  Seriously!

Then, Daughter’s fave Nasties ditty (and she much prefers the Nasties to SFH, by the by) – our tuneful denunciation of the local scene circa 1980, Fashion Show:

A bit into the hour-long Event, we are asked about the history of the Hot Nasties and the beginnings of punk in our hometown.  Listen in:

Want more? We got more! We were (and are) confused teenagers – and, accordingly, here is I Am A Confused Teenager!

Then Bernie Sanders returns to talk chicken noodle soup!

There’s more – lots more! – but I’m willing to bet you need to do something more important, like extract lint from your belly button.  So, here’s our shambolic closer, and the Palma Violets’ fave, The Invasion of the Tribbles!  Thanks CJSW!





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