04.29.2016 09:34 AM

Better than nothing, I suppose

But nothing is what they’ve been doing for more than a year. A year. 

Next week is going to be interesting. They  may not like it. 

Statement by the Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada on the distribution of Your Ward News by Canada Post

For immediate release

OTTAWA, Ontario, April 28, 2016 – I have reviewed some of the material published in the tabloid Your Ward News, and find it highly offensive and well outside the norm of Canadian values. Many residents of the Greater Toronto Area have raised significant objections with the distribution of the tabloid in their region by Canada Post. As Minister responsible for Canada Post, I have asked its Board of Directors to review and consider appropriate measures within their authority to address the distribution of this material.

Contact: Annie Trépanier
Office of the Honourable Judy M. Foote 819-997-5421


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    Peter says:

    Hmm. We could perhaps live with its racism, hate-mongering, obscenity and homophobia, but the fact that it is “well outside the norm of Canadian values” is intolerable.

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    Pipes says:

    It a shit filled twinky response.

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    davie says:

    I am far away from this. I have doubts that there are many people this stuff can be aimed at. If I assume that there is not much of an audience for the content, it almost looks as if the flyer’s producers are itching to go to court.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    My guess is that Canada Post didn’t want to deal with this, especially if they were taken to court over it.

    The Minister has sent signals and punted it back to the Canada Post Board — an arms length crown corporation. She is telling them to do their job.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Wonder what Moya Greene thinks…

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    Jean A Paterson says:

    I am concerned about the meaning of “appropriate measures within their authority”? Sounds as if the Canada Post can claim that they don’t have the authority to refuse delivery of hate literature. If they don’t have the authority, who does?
    Perhaps the Ward News publisher does want the courts to decide what constitutes hate literature as opposed to free speech. That is a repulsive way to get attention to his “News”. Children write obscenities on walls to get attention. This guy wants to waste public money while he gets attention.

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    HarryR says:

    Playing on free speech and expression is a very sticky wicket. I don’t think it is appropriate for Canada Post to decide what it will and will not deliver. Be careful what you ask for. I don’t see any alternative to testing this matter in court under the provisions of our current hate law such as they are. If what we are seeing here is hate literature under our law then why have its producers not been indicted? Granting Canada Post sole discretion is absolutely, dead wrong!

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