04.26.2016 06:58 AM

STAMP out hate: CJN story on human rights complaint against Canada Post and Ottawa

Canada Post and the government of Canada have been named in a complaint under the Canadian Human Right act for distributing a monthly Toronto tabloid newspaper that is allegedly laced with hate propaganda.

Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman, who has a track record of successful actions before human rights commissions, claims in a four-page complaint that Your Ward News is “misogynist, racist, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim and homophobic hate propaganda.”

“The government of Canada has the legal obligation to stop the dissemination of hate propaganda, not profit from its distribution through Canada Post.”

…Warman also received support from a anti-racist coalition that includes such prominent voices as Judy Csillag of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Liberal political consultant and lawyer Warren Kinsella, and former Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber.

“Richard Warman is one of the most successful human rights litigants in Canadian history,” said Farber, now executive director of the Mosaic Institute. “He has won a dozen human rights cases he brought against various neo-Nazis, white supremacists and hate groups. We are very confident that Richard will be successful when this complaint is heard.”

“It is outrageous that Canada Post and those responsible in government have turned a blind eye to the hatred that is found on every page of Your Ward News,” said Kinsella, a resident of the Beach who wrote the book Web of Hate. “We have tried repeatedly to get them to act, but they have refused. We are hopeful that Richard’s formal human rights complaint will help change that.”

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