05.30.2016 01:35 PM

Gord Tulk – booted for the second (or third, or fourth) time

All of you will be tremendously upset, I suspect, to hear that Gord Tulk has – yet again – been asked to take his commenting elsewhere.  What is it with this guy?

Anyway. The commenting rules are here, folks.  Clip and save.



  1. smelter rat says:

    Probably just feeling his oats after the CPC Convention. Also, good riddance.

  2. Patrick van Kessel says:

    His comments weren’t well informed anyway. They played to regional bigotry, and fiscal delusion. Basically highlighting the worst Canada has to offer.

    • Warren says:

      I don’t mind disagreement, of course, but he always made it personal, and didn’t allow for the slightest possibility that he could be wrong. Anyway, he’s gone.

  3. Patrick van Kessel says:

    Ideology spewed with religious fervor is a recipe for collapse – it blinds senses, and it robs us all of the reasoned and pragmatic approach to government that renders prosperity and equal opportunity.

  4. KBab says:

    I would say he’s Lex Luther to your Superman, but he, sir, is no Lex Luther.

  5. Ted H says:

    It is to Laffer!

  6. Tim Sullivan says:

    Michelle Rempel tried to get #gordtulk underway on Twitter. What’s with that?

  7. nez1 says:

    He’s probably off leading the Filebrandt-for-PM charge…or he’s at a Loverboy concert…either way, see ya!

  8. neil says:

    My question is why do you let him back?

    • davie says:

      Liberals live in an infinitely deep well of guilt and doubt; they compensate for this by repeated gestures of forgiveness.

  9. Scotian says:

    It takes work to manage to get kicked off here. Yet Mr.Tulk keeps managing this distinction. Really hard to know what to say about that beyond finding it sad. I’m guessing from the prior thread he went off on the SSM issue again? Well, no matter, it is just unfortunate that Warren Kinsella has to do this, whatever one may agree or disagree with him (Warren) about, he is very good about allowing a wide range of opinions and commentators so long as they maintain reasonable civility and have something to offer. I would suspect this is one of the reasons many of us come here to not just read but also comment. That Mr. Tulk apparently repeatedly fails this standard, well, as I sad at the outset, sad.

  10. Kaspar Juul says:

    And here Ive been good all this time.

  11. Kaspar Juul says:

    I doubt it. Tulk is the master of pseudo indignity and has a hard time conceding that he might be around. He’ll persist and return. Not learning a thing.

    It really is the Tulkian way

  12. VincentRendle says:

    .. and yet smelter rat is still here.

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