05.03.2016 07:54 PM

On a day when 90,000 people have to be evacuated from their homes

….it’s amazing that some things even need to be said, frankly.


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    Russ says:

    Agreed – some people have no sense of place or decorum – thoughts and prayers to everyone in Fort Mac

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    Bazie says:

    Isn’t this the perfect time to talk about global warming? We have this serious issue that we conveniently seem to ignore more of the year except for occasional lip service. An issue that will likely exacerbate precisely things like this….isn’t it entirely appropriate to use the emotional reaction to segue the conversation to this issue?

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      Al in Cranbrook says:

      It’s called a “Super El Nino”, one of at least 8 on record. Google it, and get informed!

      Nothing whatsoever to do with the nonsensical contrivance of AGW!

      There has never been a time in the history of this planet when the climate was not changing! It’s called “variability”, and within the context of climate history since the last ice age ended circa 8000 BC, there is nothing unusual about global climate today, not one damn thing!

      To put it bluntly, anyone who thinks they can change the planet’s weather by writing a law is living in Disneyland.

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        Al in Cranbrook says:

        Okay, not my intention to turn this into a global warming debate.

        But I’m getting some feedback on stuff being said on Twitter about this fire, by people who should know better, and the hardly subtle implication that there’s some kind of justice in this because somehow the oil sands are the cause of climate change.

        So I’m more than a tad infuriated right about now with this endless, mindless, and totally shameless crap, mostly from the usual suspects of the (leftwing) enviro#@#%^%$#@ crowd.

        Fed up beyond words with the entire lot of ’em!!!

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          Charlie K says:

          Calm down, Al.

          Bazie was just posing an inquisitive question in a relatively harmless manner and your jumping down his/her throat and in a pretty distasteful way at that.

          Take a deep breath and send some positive vibes towards the residents of Fort Mac. I just spoke to a friend who’s heading up their from Edmonton to help with relief efforts –he’s an avowed environmentalist.

          So, try some restraint before you dismiss an entire group of people.

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          Bill Templeman says:

          Why Al, you sound like a patriotic nation-builder just Uncle Erza. How about using this catastrophe to drive more wedges between provinces and political loyalties? Just what the situation needs more of: inane cheap shots. Brings the country together during a time of crisis, etc.

          Ezra Levant ‏@ezralevant 3m3 minutes ago
          Reasons to give at http://www.RebuildFortMac.ca 1) Help the needy 2) Get perks 3) 100% to Red Cross 4) WATCH LEFTISTS MAKE EXCUSES FOR NOT GIVING

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    lou says:

    I am no fan of the Prime Minister, but today he earned my respect by the way he handled the climate blame garbage. Junior is growing up and acting like the Prime Minister, not the leader of the Liberal Party. Butts must be devastated.

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