06.28.2016 01:41 PM

Canadian comic caption contest!

And, while we are on the subject, is that Gerald Butts and Katie Telford in his corner?  And who is the big guy lurking overhead? Is that Dominic LeBlanc, perchance?




  1. Francis says:

    “Patrick Brazeau + Thomas Mulcair + Stephen Harper = Justin Trudeau, undefeated champion”

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I don’t get the Civil War II reference. (I must be dense. LOL.)

  3. Peter says:

    “OK Meathead, time to learn what happens to guys who make fun of Canadian values.”

  4. PJH says:

    “Remember…..keep those elbows in!”

  5. Joe says:

    The undisputed world champion Boob Basher!

  6. Todd Robson says:

    “GSP is a Liberal right? He knows this is just for show, right? … Cuz he looks kinda angry”

  7. Todd Robson says:

    “GSP is a Liberal right? Cuz he knows this is just for show, right? … But he looks kinda angry”

  8. Matt says:

    Captain Can-uhhh-ck, given his repeated use of uhh’s, and ahh’s when he speaks.

  9. Mark says:

    In the other corner, a shark. Over which Trudeau jumps.

  10. marvin sager says:

    He must be fighting women, because he is so handsome and doesn’t need a “cut” man in his corner.

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