06.19.2016 01:21 PM

Donald Trump, the conservative-killer

This is so awesome. Keep at it, you fatuous douchebag!


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    bluegreenblogger says:

    Not sure where, but I saw a clip or quote from Trump waaay back when. He said one day he might just run for President for one or the other of the Party’s, and he would be the first Candidate to make a profit from his run. Either his marketing is really really bad, or it is really really good. Take your pick, is he a stoopid Presidential Candidate, or a Canny show biz promoter? Interesting, my Captcha code below reads VEG2. Coincidence? I think NOT.

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      Bob Broughton says:

      What could happen is that the Repugnikan Party could buy him out of the race. This happens sometimes during or after nomination contests in Canada, for example, when Harper bought out Ezra Levant. (Ezra, you didn’t REALLY think that the CPC would run a Jew as a candidate in Calgary, did you?) I haven’t been able to find out if such a thing is legal in the US, but, if it was illegal, would this stop them?

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        The Doctor says:

        Re the CPC not running a Jew in Calgary: are you effing serious?

        Sheldon Chumir, a well-known Calgary lawyer, Rhodes scholar and Liberal politician, was twice elected as MLA for the riding of Calgary Buffalo.

        And how do you explain the fact that one Stephen Harper, long-time Calgary MP, was the most overtly pro-Israel Prime Minister in Canadian history?

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        Charlie says:

        There are about 1.7 million reasons not to have Ezra Levant run under your party’s banner, but being Jewish is definitely not one of them.

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      JH says:

      A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum though. For years the main stream media types in this country who hated Harper railed against him, called for his downfall, predicted he could not win etc. So what happens? Folks disliked the media telling them what they should do so much he stayed in power for nearly a decade and put together the greatest political fund-raising machine this country has ever seen. Eventually of course like all governments Harper’s was defeated and the press got a modicum of revenge celebrating on Twitter and sending a CTV star to party with Trudeau at Liberal HQ. Still SH defied all the odds and media predictions, for a long time.
      The same has gone on now with Trump & the media for over a year in the US, starting with the prediction he couldn’t win the GOP nomination. The adverse publicity not only helped him win that, but also gave him great PR and as well helped to raise millions of dollars to fight the election. I don’t care what happens in the US, but can’t help but conclude it certainly can pay off to have the media and the pundits against you. Both Harper and Trump have proven that, no matter what happens from here on in.

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    If I’m an American, I’m seriously fretting the future of my country.

    Talk about “None of the above” or what!

    Clinton, desperately sucking up to the Sanders’ socialist hordes, will push the US over the edge into financial ruin. At best, she’ll only complete the disaster Obama has already created.

    And Trump is just a bozo on an ego trip from hell!

    Shit storms brewing on virtually every horizon, and Americans are left to choose between these two for POTUS???

    Not in my lifetime has the analogy of “Rome is burning” ever been more applicable. Damned trainwreck just looking for a place to happen!

    …and not just with America.

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      davie says:

      Mmh…Sanders et al will try to influence the Democratic platform, but I am sure they will experience a David Orchard realization once the convention is over.

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      Bluegreenblogger says:

      I am not sure about your arguments. They are not based on History. If memory serves me, the only time in my lifetime that an American President actually enforced budget discipline, and controlled expenditure was, you guessed it, Bill Clinton. And my memorey DOES serve me on this point. In fact, ever since Reagan’s very bizarre backwards bending supply curve economics, Republicans have ignored economic theory and practice and destroyed America’s public finances. They succeed better (meaning they spend a lot more) when they hold the Presidency, but keep on spending spending in Congress whoever sits in the Whitehouse.

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    Francis says:

    Two things to note:

    1) Primaries are nothing like the General and Trump has paved a path of no return to moderation. Thus, he’s preempted his own success.

    2) Trump wins either way. Even if loses the election, he’s apparently got intentions on launching a Trump themed news network and for which he’s already built up an attentive audience. The “Trump” brand that Donald puts so much emphasis has grown exponentially in cache. He may put Rupert Murdoch out of business.

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    Bernie Orbust says:

    I wonder how the Goldwater Girl stacks up against all the other Republican losers. Probably not much better.

    Just imagine how the 2020 election will shape up if the shallow husk wins. The Republican candidate will run on 12 years of unprecedented economic stagnation under Democratic presidents. “More Great Recession or Morning in America?” In short, another Republican revolution.

    Hillary is certainly not a conservative killer (just look at her campaign donors; neocons are now singing her praises.) A Hillary win ensures 8 more years of conservative government in America, at the very least, any which way you slice it.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Hope this is a poll of all Americans, and not just potential Republican voters.

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    Peter says:

    Inexplicable. The only way I can make sense of it all is to conclude he can’t tell the difference between public opinion polls and TV ratings.

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    Bluegreenblogger says:

    OK, I got a good read from National Newswatch today. Trump reports Revenues up $190,000,000 since Primary race started. Apparently his continuous promotion of Trump Water, air, steaks, towers, casinos etc is making him a tidy pile. His Campaign is purchasing extensively from his businesses, although self dealing is worth less than $10 million so far. You know, planes, party’s, office space etc. All paid for by political donations. I think this may actually be a replay of something we are all familiar with. Real Estate agents running for city council to get their names out there. All those voters lists to market to…. Winning would be an unexpected bonus.


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