07.22.2016 03:37 PM

Adler-Kinsella Show: US politics is a circus and Trump is P. T. Barnum

And apologies to Mr. Cruz, still not dead. 


  1. Brammer says:

    Trump is a symptom of a much larger problem.

    Mark McKinnon of the Globe and Mail gives an excellent summary here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/munich-nice-turkey-brexit-trump-its-all-connected/article31084101/

    “The world seems to have reached a critical point in terms of creating a large enough pool of ‘losers’ – those who lost out on globalization, who lost out on technology, who lost out on free trade – to create the undercurrents of this instability.”

    When the watering hole dries up, the animals start to look at each other differently.

  2. Ron says:

    Trump thinks he knows all about military life because he ‘served’ at the New York Military Academy.

    And he was there because he was asked to leave The Kew-Forest School.

    And then there are the 5 deferments.

    Some Commander in Chief he would make.

  3. Aongasha says:

    I get that the media doesn’t like Trump. Does the media get that millions do, and could care less what they think?
    Personally, being Canadian I could also care less. American presidents Rep. or Dem. have never changed my life one iota.
    However I think this Rex Murphy piece tells a lot of truth to power and explains the recent past and maybe the future somewhat.

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