07.30.2016 05:12 PM

If this is for real, I have lost the will to live. Farewell. 

[H/T Daughter Two.]


  1. Patrick says:

    Well now our feet are well aerated in the mosh pit.

  2. james elder says:

    any other colors 🙂

  3. bluegreenblogger says:

    WTF! Full disclosure, I have been faking being a businessman all these years. those shiny Oxfords are actually Docs. Two pairs have carried me successfully through thousands of meetings in my button down shirt, and artful silk ties. Not kidding, I still own both pairs, nearly 30 years later, and wear one or the other most days. This photo just expunged the last vestige of sartorial rebellion from my life. 🙁 . On a happier note, I guess I can start unpacking all those Italian leather loafers and dress shoes my wife has been pressing on me for a few decades.

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