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Jason Kenney and caucus supporters photographed on an outing on Bow River yesterday


If Warren Kinsella was still alive, he’d be making a Barney joke right about now.

Okay, that’s kind of mean, but I’m kind of a mean guy.  Besides, Kenney made it personal first, so I’m going to hound him into his grave.  (Reubenesque Richard Nixon lookalike.)

And, while we are on the subject of Jason’s quest to lead the third party in the Alberta legislature, I note that several columnists upended their bedpans, yesterday, in the bit of real estate usually reserved for their opinion columns.  If anyone can unite the Right, it’s Jason! He’s a contender!  And so on. A pantload does not begin to describe it.

How come? Well, here’s why, found – typically – at the very end of an entirely-missing-the-point Calgary Herald story about the PC’s Jason Kenney and Wildrose’s Brian Jean:

Though Jean said he’d listen to the wishes of the Wildrose membership, he added that he doubted the party wants him to step aside to unite under a Kenney-led PC Party.

“That is not going to happen,” Jean said.

Talk about burying the lede.

Anyway. As noted on this wee web site many days ago, why does everyone assume that Brian Jean is going to simply pull over, hand the keys to Jason, and walk off into the sunset?  He isn’t going to do that, but don’t count on the Herald to actually notice.

Now, where is that Barney?




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    Ron says:

    I think Kenney has failed to realize that in order to be an opportunist, there has to be an opportunity.

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      Eric Weiss says:

      This! He seems to think he’s so brilliant and charismatic that he can personally repair the PC brand. He’s in for a big surprise.

      I love how Kenney, the media, and even the government to some extent, is already leader of the PCs. That it’s a lock. I’m not so sure about that. Lots of PCs remember how he campaigned for WRP the last election, and the ones remaining loyal to the party are “Progressive” conservatives. The So-cons who would be more inclined to support Kenney are in the WRP.

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    Joe says:

    A very capable lieutenant does not always make a good general. Under Ralph Klein’s oversight Stockwell Day did a very good job as finance minister. Yet withing a few months of taking over the leadership half of his caucus walked out the door on him. I suspect that Kenny may be similar. The only real question in Alberta right now is which power centre is going to dominate. The ultra progressive “We will control the air you breath” (NDP Edmonton) The more moderate progressive “We want more government to run our bigger government” (PC Calgary) or the traditional Alberta “Mind your own business and we will get along fine” (Wildrose rural)

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    Francis says:

    Kenney is like a big blue Barney: he’s all smiles and hugs on the front but when a kid steps on his toes, he lets the expletives fly.

    Seriously speaking though, I think this shoehorn stab at nobility by Jason Kenney is way too transparent and full of untenable strategic assumptions. The hope here is that the absolutely committed operatives of the PC party and the riding associations that are financially strong or have spent years fighting the WRP, are just going to hand over the leadership to this guy because he’s a Stephen Harper knock-off. On the flip side, there is a presumption of willingness on the part of Brian Jean to just walk away from his leadership for the benefit of Kenney.

    The only thing Kenney is going to unite are the PC people who hate him and the WRP who will hate him for thinking they’d walk away from their party to join a watered down version of Kenney’s social conservatism. This has to potentially to turn into a catastrophe and I suspect Kenney will become a lighting rod for the disdain of messianic attempts at leading Alberta.

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    Kelly says:

    Kennedy won’t even win the leadership of the Alberta PCs.

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    nobonusfornonis says:

    I hear they will be holding their first convention on the Arc in Kentucky :0


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    Ted H says:

    That’s Conservatives, knuckle dragging troglodytes.

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