07.26.2016 06:53 AM


They kill an 84-year-old priest, celebrating Mass in Rouen.

These pigs need to be hunted down, like the animals they are, and killed.  They are not human beings, if they ever were.




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    MikeTO says:

    You sound surprised, like you haven’t been watching news from the ME for the last 25 years….

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    lou says:

    If only our “leaders” would echo what you stated Warren. They are to afraid to alienate a voting group and too busy trying to find out why to act. We know why, and yes, we are partially responsible. Matters not. We may created a disease, but now we need to eradicate it before it kills more.

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    Frank says:

    According to the Interior Minister there are “….more than 10,000 people…” on their “fiche S” list, used to flag radicalized individuals considered a threat to national security. That’s a lot of potential ‘lone wolves’ to monitor. Where do you even start?

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    Jay Currie says:

    Have to drain the sty.

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    Jean A Paterson says:

    Makes me think of Becket. The crazy zealots that time were a few of the English King’s courtiers who apparently took his musings literally. The King probably never forgave himself.
    This time, whoever in ISIS gave the green light to this cowardly killing is jubilant. I feel sick that killing the elderly man in his sanctuary is considered heroic by anyone.
    Mental illness is too generous a term for these soul-less glory seekers.

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    Bill Malcolm says:

    Yes, it’s just awful.

    Now, how many civilian people died in the Middle East today from US drones and French bombing? On a typical day, I see anywhere from 80 to 100. They are killed like pigs daily as oops collateral damages. Do their surviving families grieve any less deeply than white men/

    If ever the West had a blind and blinkered outlook in a history where the European explorers and their subsequent traders and administrators have managed to slaughter millions without any comeback until recently, is the recent violence perpetrated in Europe at all surprising?

    I’m an old white man who never bothered with politics and history until I retired. Now I understand what we’ve done in the past with nary an apology to what those proud Europeans called savages.

    Excuse me while I vomit at the state of humankind.

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    godot10 says:

    Obama and Clinton allied with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Erdogan decided to use radical Islamists to undertake (like George W. Bush) regime change in Syria (and Libya), and get rid of Assad (and Gaddafi). Some…er…most of those radical Islamists went rogue (ISIS), and now one has chaos through Northern Africa, Syria, Iraq, and masses of people flocking to Europe.

    Such is Obama and Clinton’s judgement.

    We are really screwed regardless of who gets elected. Clinton and Trump…tweedle dee and tweedle dum…or to quote Hillary..”What difference at this point does it make?”

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    PJH says:

    So M. Hollande has spoken……it is going to be a long war…….what I would like to know M. Hollande, what was a convicted terrorist, who slit the priests throat, and filmed the execution, doing out on the street with an ankle bracelet?…..the man should have been jailed, had his French citizenry stripped, and when his sentence was done…..summarily deported back to the very country whence he or his parents came….I know that doesn’t fit with our own PM’s view on citizenship, but right about now, Je m’en fous…..

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      Rich says:

      Sadly, I am starting to believe that sort of attitude may be necessary in all civilized societies. Eventually, it might turn out to be the acid test for liberal leaderships everywhere.

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    MikeTO says:

    What will you call them when the knife is at your child’s throat? It’s easy to take high ground when you have no skin in the game. I think Warren senses we are all in this together.

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