07.18.2016 08:22 PM

Pithy reaction to first night of the cross burning


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I actually saw a woman senior who appeared to be African American.

  2. Francis says:

    Its the Republican wet-dream manifesting itself to a tangible reality.

    *Make America White Again*

  3. Eric Weiss says:

    You mean Trump’s African American isn’t there?


  4. Karl Yeh says:

    And apparently, people can’t even write their own speech…or their speech writers just got lazy and hope people wouldn’t notice.


  5. Steve T says:

    Careful – this sort of thing (equating a room full of white people to a cross-burning) is exactly what feeds into Trump’s agenda and persecution complex. He is a racist, for sure, as are some of his supporters – but not all of them. Many are disaffected (and seriously misguided), and need to be convinced by measured discussion. Name-calling will just drive them further into believing that the Democrats don’t understand them at all.

    • Michael Bluth says:

      Well said Steve.

      Those disaffected voters are a huge part of the reason for Trump winning the nomination.

      If the Dems got that they would try some sort of outreach to those folks. If Progressives treated whites with the same basic level of respect and human decency they demand for marginalized groups this would be a rout along the lines of the 1972 or 1980 elections.

      Bernie set the right tone in the primary campaign

  6. MikeTO says:

    Wait, so white people (7% of the global population) can’t get together in a group without it being called a “cross burning” – got it.

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      Sure they can, but when they get together in a group to celebrate their whiteness, then people will call it all kinds of things. Because people are allowed to be racists, and other people are actually permitted to notice when they are doing that you know. Commenting too, non-white people are allowed to say stuff. Sometimes they even say that Donald Trump is a racist, and the Republican Party is the Party of racism in America today. I think they call that freedom of speech don’t they? I call it rational analyses, but what do I know?

      • MikeTO says:

        ALL people should be free to get together and celebrate their (insert: Blackness, Bownness, Gayness, whatever) and ever since I’ve freed my mind of the anti-white choke collar, I have enjoyed celebrating my whiteness. Comments like Warrens’ are a nuisance, but they don’t sting when you feel good inside.

        • bluegreenblogger says:

          There is actually a diagnosis possible for people who feel good inside when they flout social norms and conventions. It is often considered a mitigating factor.

          • MikeTO says:

            dude, when the social norm implies white people congregating is inherently evil, up goes my middle finger. I don’t know what ethnicity you are, but will suggest ETHNOMASOCHISM is bad for every group.

  7. bluegreenblogger says:

    Ethnomasochism. Dude, Shakespeare gets to make up new words to better address new concepts. You are making up new words when there are perfectly good actual English words already in use, for which people will KNOW wtf you are talking about. Now the Klan, and their fellow travellers do not use your word, ‘ETHNOMASOCHISM. they call it TREASON, and their foes are called ‘RACE TRAITORS’. They have some kind of fucked up idea that humans are divided into races based on transient environmental adaptations like skin and hair colouration. Sometimes the defining chracteristics are like, what way they pray, or which version of ‘the bible’ they read. Yeah I know, it is all so confused and incoherent isn’t it? I mean, make up their minds already, is it racial characteristics, or what book you read your prayers from?

    • MikeTO says:

      John Derbishire coined the Etnomasochism term about a 6 years ago. You can find it on the wiki.
      As far as race and culture, much like nature and nurture, they work in tandem to shape the diversity we see in the world. Cultures develop to express and organize particular groups, reflecting their unique physical and social characteristics. I love my culture and my ethnic group because in them I see the history of my ancestors and the future of my progeny. I certainly hope all groups feel the same, and it would be cruel to deprive anyone of their blood ties. Love also requires defending – today with words, if need be in the future, with action.

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