07.06.2016 07:10 AM

The killing of Alton Sterling

Warning: it’s bad.

So, the Baton Rouge police killed a man selling CDs. That much is clear.

Also clear – in the absence of a mitigating factor, like Stirling somehow reaching for a weapon – is that it looks like an execution. This, like the murder of Michael Brown two years ago – a killing that I could not get out of my mind that Summer – has the characteristics of what the Americans call capital murder. It also looks like a violation of the U.S. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

It’s going to be another hot Summer down there. Based upon the video above, it should be.


  1. Joseph says:

    Michael Brown was murdered?I don’t think so! ,Neither does the law.

  2. Luke says:

    I do not want to watch. It sounds outrageous though.

    What a couple of weeks full of terrible news.

    • nobonusfornonis says:

      I’m with you. I just can’t take that thin blue line bullshit anymore. Shit my captcha came up ak7r.

  3. cash says:

    Please read the DOJ report on the Michael Brown shooting – the shooting was lawful

  4. Eric Weiss says:

    Heartbreaking and sickening… Just watch them get away with it too.

  5. Kelly says:

    Black Lives Matter prises to raise holy he’ll in Cleveland and Philly at the conventions. Looks to be quite the next few months.

  6. PJH says:

    In a second, more clear video on youtube, it appears Mr. Alton had something in his pocket, but I don’t know if that warranted the reaction by the police…..

  7. Rich says:

    In the video above , I thought I heard someone yell “gun”.
    We have heard nothing yet as to what is claimed to have happened. I suggest that waiting to form an opinion might be in order as sometimes what we think we see is not accurate.
    I agree it looks terrible but more info is needed.
    Just my view.

  8. PJH says:

    Sadly, another shooting of a black man by a police officer in Minnesota…..if unwarranted, like Louisiana, the US is going to burn……..

  9. Gord says:

    This is just one of many police killings, some of which do not even make the news.

    In the past I was always prepared to give police the benefit of the doubt. Who knows how we would react in the heat of the moment in cases like Michael Brown or Sammy Yatim? But then we see cases like this and the Laquan McDonald case and I find it harder and harder to give the police the benefit of the doubt.

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